Can anyone phone call me what the L and also H jets room to be set at top top this Poulan P3314 chainsaw? I"ve switched carburetors out and also need to recognize what the jets have to be set at. Many thanks to anyone who replies.

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I did not have much usage for the one the passed end my bench a few years ago so I sold it on. But I mental my walk to has always been 1 and also 1/4 turn each and also that offered me a good starting allude but no happiness with the tiny green devil. I ended up through both turned out over 2 turns. To me that sounded nuts yet it ran and also ran nice well too for what that was.It take it me forever to gain to that suggest because I never ever had any kind of saw v the hi and also low open that far. It required to be that way though because that it to operation right. Shot 1 and a quarter each if girlfriend want however I bet you will have better luck at around 1 3/4 to 2 turns. Revolve the idle screw in pretty good so when it does start it will stay running when you shot to song it. An excellent luck Jeff.

If it"s a stratos charged, go 2 the end on both, setup are a bit richer than a non-stratos fee one.Steve
Steve; room you calling the carburetor a stratos charged type? That may be what that is; it has an extra port hole that sets on peak of the regular carburetor that slides right into a rubber boots coming off the intake. Does the sound like I have actually a stratos charged carb? Also; what around the L and H jet settings on a Husqvarna 350; carry out you recognize what they collection at? many thanks guy"s for replying.

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It is a strato engine and also tuning have the right to be a tiny tricky. To obtain to the sweet spot through the high rate jet, it help to begin with the screw so far out (2 and also 1/2 turns) that you have the right to here the engine blubber and then screw it in from there till it operation clean in the cut. Low speed adjustment is much the same,you should finish up v leanest setup that gives constant idle speed with good acceleration as soon as the accelerator is snapped open.
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Thanks Ole2Stroke; the sounds better than the way I to be trying to change it. I don"t have the jets open up enough. I"ll offer it another try tomorrow and see if the works. What about the setups for the Husky 350? Have any idea? Again Thanks

Thanks Ole2Stroke; that sounds far better than the method I was trying to readjust it. Ns don"t have actually the jets open up enough. I"ll offer it another shot tomorrow and see if the works. What about the setups for the Husky 350? Have any kind of idea? Again Thanks
rotate Idle so much out the screw dropped out and also chain still whips in ~ idle :/
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