Hey all, I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4. I recently adjusted the behind brakes, since transforming them the brake pedal seems "soft" and also the e-brake no grab favor it supplied to. A friend of mine said the rear brakes room self adjusting but its been a couple of days and still the same. Any type of info. Will be considerably appreciated.

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Hey all, I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4. Ns recently adjusted the rear brakes, since an altering them the brake pedal appears "soft" and the e-brake doesnt grab like it supplied to. A friend of mine said the behind brakes are self adjusting but its been a couple of days and also still the same. Any info. Will be significantly appreciated.


I know back in the job the shoes would certainly self readjust when you applied the brakes while travel in reverse. However, to gain the drums off you sometimes had to rod a flat blade v a little slot and also turn a tiny notched wheel to ease the shoes. I'm guessing you can turn that the opposite method to tighten them. They're definitely an alleged to be me adjusting though. Shot driving in reverse and repeatedly applying the brakes.

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Keep appling your e brake whenever you park, everytime you usage it it will change the pads the one notch, overtime friend will notification a difference. I have actually done the on my 07


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Keep appling your e brake whenever girlfriend park, everytime you usage it that will adjust the pads that one notch, overtime you will notification a difference. I have done that on my 07



The adjusters are recognized for not functioning properly, I change mine manually once every little thing is back togethor through the tires off. The is a an excellent idea to clean and also relubricate the adjustors, they fill up with dust and rust.


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They execute self adjust, however you require to acquire them together close as feasible when you install the shoes. If there is a large gap, the brakes will have actually a soft pedal and also the E brake will suffer.

The brakes just self readjust to the point of keeping up through pad wear. You need to set them up effectively from the start. A screwdriver works, drum brake adjusting spoons are likewise cheap and make that a lot much easier to do.

Also psychic if you use your parking brake often (with north brakes)

the cable will stretch and after time not have actually as much tension and not

totally apply the pair of shoes to the drum.


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If a remember appropriately from years earlier when I operated on north brakes, the me adjusters occupational only in reverse. You require to back up repeatedly and also apply brakes steady while backing up. That must do the trick.

Remove the hub caps from the rear wheels and also break the lug nuts loose with the lug wrench.




Lift the rear of the automobile with the floor jack and also secure it onto the jack stands.




Remove the nuts and wheels.




Locate the adjusting porthole ~ above the ago of the backing plate. There need to be a rubber plug capping the porthole to protect it from the elements. Eliminate the plug by prying the out v a screwdriver.




Insert the long screwdriver into the porthole and also feel your means around because that the adjusting retainer clip. If necessary, grab a flashlight and also crawl under the vehicle to look for it. It's a small lever the holds the star wheel in position. Boring the clip through the screwdriver away native the star wheel and also use the brake spoon adjuster (or another straight-edge screwdriver) to rotate the star wheel in one direction.




Spin the drum by hand. If the tension is increasing, you're going the right method to change the brake shoes. If the stress and anxiety is decreasing and also the north is spinning an ext freely, you're un-adjusting the shoes. Go back and use the spoon to rotate the star wheel in opposing direction.




Occasionally, in between making adjustments, yank top top the parking brake cable near the behind of the backing plate to facility the shoes.




Continually examine the anxiety of the shoes against the north by rotate the drum (every four to five turns of the star wheel). The drum requirements to move, however there need to be a dragging sensation on the drum from the shoes contacting the inside diameter of the drum as you turn it. Change the brake shoes upward so the north cannot finish a full change of spinning on its own (or half a revolution, if desired).




Repeat this procedure because that the other side.




Carefully get into the vehicle and apply the brake pedal and also parking brake system simultaneously. This will facility the shoes and also integrate the parking brake mechanism.




Apply the parking brake and also let the sit. Check both behind drums to make certain they're holding correctly. If one is holding and also the other isn't, you need to situate the equalizer that the parking brake cable and readjust it. Describe the repair manual for your specific vehicle for the exactly procedure.




Readjust both political parties after you have pumped the foot brake pedal while applying the parking brake mechanism, and changed the equalizer if applicable.

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Replace the porthole plug when finished. Replace the wheels and also lug nuts and tighten.