Quite often, as soon as buying Casio commodities many customers are confronted with the trouble of how to change the time on a Casio G-shock wristwatch. In our article, we will shot to provide the most substantial and clean answer come this question, i beg your pardon is pertinent for plenty of users.

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What carry out you should know an initial and foremost? The setup of numerous G-shock models is different due to the fact that of the peculiarities of particular models.

Different switch arrangements (especially in limited-edition, rare models)Different setting principles as result of mechanical style features and various operating settings (Chronograph models v analog (pointer) screen without auto-sync and digital indication)Specific functions of models and also their settings

Pictorial instructions

In general, for most models, the principle of time setup continues to be the same. We will certainly take a closer look in ~ the most well-known model Casio GA-100 and also use the as an example to do a complete setup of every functions and time.





The arrangement might be different, however it is no critical.

To begin the setup, host down button 1 (ADJUST) until you listen a beep. Girlfriend can additionally press button 1 (ADJUST) as soon as to leave at any type of stage that the setup and also save your changes.

By pressing switch 2 (MODE), you have the right to switch in between the setup modes.

Casio G-Shock setup stages
time zone

1.) ~ holding down button 1 (ADJUST), you will hear a beep, and one of the moment zones will start flashing. Then, toggle in between the time zones by pressing button 3 “Reverse” and button 4 “Forward”


2.) press 2 (MODE). You move to the next setting of DST setting for summertime setup. Here, you can allow or disable that (ON/OFF) by pressing switch 4.


3.) Then press 2 (MODE) again and switch to the 12/24 hour digital time display screen mode. By pressing switch 4 (FORWARD), friend can change the display.


4.) Next, press 2 (MODE) and change the seconds by pushing 4 (FORWARD). We reset the worth of seconds to 0.

5.) Press switch 2 (MODE) when again to pick the specific Hour the the collection time. We change as normal by pressing switch 3 (REVERSE) or 4 (FORWARD), select and set the desired hour value.

6.) by pressing button 2 (MODE), we switch come the minute setting.


7.) Switch further by pressing button 2 (MODE) because that the year setup, adhered to by the month and the day setup.


8.) Finally, by pressing switch 2 (MODE), we proceed to the setting of the operating setting of the LED backlight (LT). Then, through pressing button 4 (FORWARD), we set LT1 come 1.5 seconds or LT2 to 3 seconds.

Lifehacks: By picking LT 1, girlfriend can considerably save battery life for several years.

To activate the AUTO irradiate switch as soon as you turn your hand, you require to host down switch 3 (REVERSE) for a couple of seconds without accessing the setup mode of the watch.

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By pressing 1 (ADJUST), you have the right to save the transforms at any stage that the watch setup.

The accuse are an ideal for this models: (GA-100, GA-110, GA-120, GA-200, GA-400, GA-2100, GA-2000, GA-140, GA-800, GA-700)