Cows also carry out leather, which can be made right into armour, and is vital for make books. Cows can be milked through right-clicking on castle whilst hold a bucket.

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Sheep carry out wool, i m sorry is used to do beds, banners and also can be used as a building block.

Pigs can be ridden, after ~ a fashion, yet you would certainly be much better off with a horse

The very same techniques likewise apply come chickens, however they additionally lay eggs, i beg your pardon is an easier method to increase their numbers. You deserve to farm chicken the same method as other animals (see the straightforward tutorial), yet you can want to use an boosted farm architecture that collects the eggs because that you.

What you will need


The essential thing you will need for agriculture is food because that the animals. Obtain some the that before you start!

Cows and also sheep eat wheat. Pigs eat carrots, potatoes or beetroot. Chickens eat seeds (most easily acquired from wheat or lengthy grass, but they will certainly eat any kind of kind the seed, such as pumpkin or melon seeds).


You will additionally want to harvest some lumber to build fences and also gates to build enclosures.

How to build the farm

Build an enclosure

First you will desire to build an enclosure, one of two people a little pen or a large field, in which to save your animals. This have the right to be indoors or outdoors, yet it needs to be somewhere that you can lead the animals to, therefore outdoors is easier. If you’re increasing sheep for wool, you will require a big grass floor so that they deserve to eat and also regrow your wool.

Fences and Gates

Fences form a barrier that is 1½ blocks high, so the mobs (or players) can not jump over it. Fences space crafted from wood sticks, and automatically attach together when placed next to each other. Entrances act as a way to gain through fences, and are opened or closed v a right-click.

An alternative to entrances is to ar a block of dirt one block far from the fence, so the you have the right to jump the end of the field.

####Enclosure design

You can just fence turn off an area and also build a gate to obtain in and also out, yet if you construct so that the floor is higher on the inside 보다 the outside, then you have the right to make an animal pen the is basic to obtain into from any kind of direction.


This pet pen deserve to be entered in any kind of direction. The player deserve to either use the door to get out, or just jump turn off the dust block.

Find part animals

Find some animals: friend will require two that the very same kind come breed. There space no males and also females in Minecraft. Host some of their favourite food out (wheat because that sheep and also cows; carrots because that pigs; seeds for chickens).


When they an alert the food, they will look in ~ you and also follow you. Command them earlier to their new home!

If you developed the sort of pen said above, it will certainly be easy to obtain them to follow you in.

TIP: if you’re making use of a door to exit the animal pen, make certain you equip something various other than pet food to protect against them native trying to follow you.

Animal Breeding

To obtain your pets to breed, you just need to feeding them. Right-click ~ above an animal whilst holding wheat, and hearts will certainly appear above its head so present that the in the mood. Right-click ~ above another pet nearby, and, well, nature will take the course.


Next something facility to do with birds and bees and storks and cabbage-patches will happen. Mercifully us don’t must know about all that, we just obtain to watch the results. Awwww!


For the next 5 minutes, the adults will not answer to further attempts to do them breed. However, pretty soon you will have four pets that deserve to be bred, and you will certainly quickly be able to raise a large herd.


The many efficient method to harvest meat from her cows and pigs is simply to go into the pen, equip a sword and also slay every one of them other than a couple of that you save for breeding the following herd. If you kill pigs by setup them on fire, then your pork chops will certainly be ready-cooked, yet you will have to live through the knowledge that you space a terrible person.



Sheep will certainly drop one block of structure if you death them, but they will drop more if you best click them with shears. Sheep will regrow structure after shearing, if they have grass come eat, so you can obtain lots that wool end time.

###Dyed Wool

If you desire coloured wool, you deserve to dye the sheep very first for better efficiency. After ~ shearing, the wool will certainly grow ago the very same colour you dyed it. You can, of course, dye coloured sheep white through bonemeal.

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If you each other coloured sheep together, the babies will certainly be the exact same colour as among the parents, not a mix.