Google Voice is, in ~ heart, a telecom system. So, by using it, you room unfortunately still subject to gift targeted by phone calls, message messages, and voicemails intended to spam, scam, or harass you. The an excellent news is that there space some basic steps that you deserve to take to cut down on the variety of junk interactions you receive on Google Voice.

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This lesson will provide you a crash course on lock by reflecting you:

What actually happens when you block a number top top Google VoiceHow to turn Google Voice's built-in automated spam filter on or offHow to block interactions from certain numbers top top Google Voice

What happens as soon as I block a number top top Google Voice?

Existing speak to records, voicemails, and also text messages from the number will be marked as "blocked" (i.e. "
").When the number calls you, Google Voice will certainly say that your number is not in service.You will not obtain text messages from the number.

To block numbers instantly by transforming on Google Voice's integrated spam filter:

1. Log into your Google Voice account.

Navigate to in her web browser of choice, and also then log into your account.

2. Open Google Voice's main menu.

Click the Main food selection icon (the three bars) in the top-left corner of the key page.


3. Access your Google Voice settings.

Next, scroll down and also click the Settings button.


4. Select your "Security" settings, and also then toggle the spam filter top top or off.

In the "Settings" menu, role down and click Security. Then, beside "Filter Spam", click the toggle move to revolve it come the "on" place (as presented below).


5. If a legitimate number gets caught in the filter by accident, go to her "Spam" folder and remove it.

Calls, texts, and voicemails from number registered as spam in Google Voice's database will be sent out to her "Spam" folder. If communications from a particular number end up there by mistake, however, there is a way around that. First, click the Main Menu button again, and then click Spam.


Once in your "Spam" folder, click the More switch (the 3 dots) listed below a interaction from a number the you desire to unblock, and then click Remove from Spam (or People & Options very first and climate Remove indigenous Spam).

To block a certain number in Google Voice:

1. Sign into your Google Voice account.

Use your web browser of choice to go to and also log into your account there.

2. Open up the folder for the communication kind that consists of the number you want to block.

Click the Messages, Calls, or Voicemail icon (the speech bubble, phone, or reel-to-reel tape, respectively) in the outward pane to display interactions of that type you've received.


3. Open the communication from the number you want to block, and also then ask for more options.

Next, click the interaction from the number the you great to block. Once it's open, click the More switch (the 3 dots) in the top-right ar of the details screen.

(Image source: Amir Ali Tayyab)

4. Select to block the number.

When the "More Options" menu opens, click Block Number. Click Block in the box that pops up to confirm that you want to block this number.

(Image source: Amir Ali Tayyab)

5. Repeat the process if you should unblock the number.

If you want to eliminate the block on a number, just repeat actions 1 with 3, and then click Unblock Number.

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(Image source: Amir Ali Tayyab)

There you have it! friend now know the two major ways of prevent unsolicited calls, text messages, and voicemails ~ above Google Voice. Shot using the integrated spam filter first, and also then manually block any kind of spam numbers the make that through. V two layers of protection, your communication folders should be spam-free in tiny time in ~ all!

For help recognizing and blocking spam manually, watch our lesson on phishing cheat safety.