Dogs (or instead, Wolves) were included toMinecraftback in 2011 because that Beta variation 1.4. This provides them one of the oldest pets in the game! We"ve been able to tame Wolves and also turn them right into pet dogs for virtually the very same amount of time. However, even with castle having remained in the game for a decade, there room no instructions on breeding them.

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How to Breed dogs in Minecraft

Luckily, reproduction pets is as simple as taming them. V Wolves, it simply requires three things: 2 Wolves and also two piece of meat. The selection of meat you usage isn"t precisely important. The only limitation on the front is that you can"t use any form of fish, raw or cooked, to breed Wolves.

Let"s begin with every the different types of food you deserve to use to breed Wolves. The list below shows all her options. When breeding Wolves, you can pick any kind of two that them; lock don"t have to be the same.

Beef (Raw or Cooked) Chicken (Raw or Cooked) hare (Raw or Cooked) Porkchop (Raw or Cooked) Mutton (Raw or Cooked)

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Once you have actually at least two piece of meat from the list above, lug them to your two Dogs/Wolves to obtain started through breeding!


Make certain your Wolves are not in their sitting position.If they are sitting down, press the an additional action switch to readjust them come the stand position. If they space sitting down, castle won"t move, therefore they won"t breed.

Put the food you chose into your active inventory slot (your character"s key hand). Your pet wolves will most likely turn that is head and also keep its eye fixated ~ above you. Strategy the very first wolf and feed that the meat through pressing the secondary action button.

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Your dog will certainly chomp down on the food, and also red hearts will flutter approximately it. This way that the an initial dog is ready for breeding.

Repeat this procedure with the 2nd dog. That will do the exact same thing, and also then the 2 dogs will walk in the direction of each other, hearts still fluttering about them. They will spin around each other for a couple of seconds, and a baby wolf (trained come you) will appear! Congrats, you"re now a Dog Breeder! offer it a great name, yeah?

Want to make points explode? You"re walk to require Gunpowder. Examine out our guide on just how to gain Gunpowder in minikraff!

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