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Want to be able to get turn off the mower without turning it off? Looking come mow her grass an ext comfortably? Or just need come make some adjustments, however the safety switch is making the harder?

Whatever her needs, us can aid you bypass lawn mower safety switch.

This is not completely safe, though. And also if you unfamiliar with how mowers work, you might struggle to execute this by yourself.

That’s why we chose to carry this guide. Follow every step and also precaution top top this article, and you’ll learn just how to bypass any kind of safety move on her riding mower.

Table that Contents

How to Bypass a Seat safety Switch

What is the safety and security Switch ~ above a Lawn Mower?


Riding mowers and also tractors have actually a safety system that stays clear of the an equipment from starting when there’s nobody sitting on it.

This safety switch is composed of a collection of pins that affix with another set of pins. One of the pins is attached to the seat, and also the other set of pins originates from a wire connected to the electrical system.

When the user sit on the mower, this pins disconnect. This deactivates the switch, permitting the machine to turn on.

But as soon as there’s no one sitting top top the mower, climate the pins will certainly stay connected – which will additionally keep the security switch activated and prevent the an equipment from turning on. If the mower is working and the user hops turn off – then the engine will revolve off.

That’s why the systems to bypassing a seat safety and security switch ~ above a mower is come simulate a person sitting on it. And also for that, you will certainly only have to unplug it.

How come Bypass a Seat safety and security Switch

Unplugging the safety switch therefore you can start utilizing the mower an ext freely is straightforward endeavor. If it may look favor a hard job, it actually takes less time and effort 보다 you may expect.

Still, us recommend gift utterly ready for it come avoid any type of mistake and also get the job done faster. Below, you’ll find everything you have to start.

Things come Consider:

Bypassing the safety switch may take everywhere from 5 come 20 minutes. If she inexperienced, don’t rush. Shot doing the project properly by complying with each step to the letter.The safety and security switch is situated on the machine for a purpose. Therefore you should be aware of why the is there and also the ramifications of obtaining it off. From harming yourself to damaging property and also even voiding the guarantee – these space all feasible without a safety and security switch.

Items you’ll Need:

Socket WrenchFlat-head / Phillips ScrewdriverPliersBrush or Duster

Once you’ve gathered every single tool because that the job, then you can start bypassing the security switch.

1. Prepare the Mower


First, you should prepare the mower for the job. Remember the riding mowers have actually tons of electrical parts, so getting it ready might prevent damage and also accidents:

Start by obtaining the an essential from the switch. Also, collection the brake lever and also be sure the mower can’t move while you’re working on it.

Now you need to be ready to remove the bypass switch.

2. Find the Switch

While the move is normally on clean sight as soon as you open up the seat, you may still need some assist identifying it. This is what come do:

Start by acquisition the seat off from the slide mechanism. You have the right to do this by utilizing the socket wrench and looking for the screws that attach it to the chair plate (some mowers don’t have this plate).When you acquire the seat plate off, the seat will continue to be lifted up, but the grid will continue to be down. This will offer you direct accessibility to wherein the move wire and seat connect.Now, you must see a cable the starts indigenous the bottom and also connects come the seat. It typically starts in the negative post that the battery and has a plastic exploit on top.

Once you’ve situated the switch, climate you’re prepared to take it off.

3. Take the move Off

The cable connects to the seat. Girlfriend will have to unplug the cable native the seat and also then eliminate the pins inside the cable plug.

This plastic cable (or harness), must go slide turn off the seat as soon as you traction it out. It can take a small strength, yet be careful not to break it. You can use the pliers because that this.Once you have actually the wire off the seat, then it’s time to get the pins out. Take a look at the cable plug (the part that connects come the seat) and also look for a 3-pin piece.Use the pliers when again, however this time to gain the pins the end of the wire plug. This have to deactivate the safety switch, enabling you to rotate on the maker without sit on it.

After obtaining the pins out of the wire plug, you’re almost finished.

4. Re-Assemble Everything

Without the pins, the mower need to turn ~ above effortlessly. But prior to you test it out, you should re-assemble every little thing first.

First, attach the wire or plug come the underside of the chair plate. You have the right to clamp it through a zip-tie or through a cord. The objective is to protect against it indigenous staying loosened and making sound afterward.Then you’re all set to slide the seat earlier to the chair plate and also connect them. Usage the screwdriver and socket wrench together necessary.Finish by reconnecting the battery come the post. Lower down the seat, and you should be all set to check it.Check everything once last time to view that every little thing is in place. This might save you time later on.

Everything looks tidy and also in place? then test if the safety and security switch is off.

5. Check the Mower


Testing the mower will certainly let you understand if the procedure worked. This will permit you to continue with whatever change or activity you desire to gain done:

Set the brake bar once again, for this reason the mower no move. Climate hop off the mower and see if it transforms off.If that doesn’t, climate you’ve successfully bypassed the safety switch. You’re ready to tackle anything friend want.

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In instance the mower doesn’t revolve on, then you may want to check our overview on just how to begin a lawnmower through a negative starter.