Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire room packed through secrets. In fact, there are much more legendary critters - supervisor special, high powered Pokemon that only appear in one location - in this duo than any kind of other game in the series.

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To help you out, we"ve placed together a complete guide to finding these superordinary "mons, through a small help native Serebii and also Kotaku.

Before you head off, you need to take through you some Pokemon that reason satsu results (making a Pokemon sleep or paralysing it significantly increases the efficacy that Pokeballs), and also perhaps moves choose Arena trap (stops Pokemon escaping) and False Swipe (leaves 1 HP if you"re about to knock the end a critter).

Oh, and also don"t forget a big sack the Ultra Balls. And also get the understand Ball from Team Magma or Aqua"s hideout (depending on your version of the game) because that Deoxys.

How to catch Kyogre and also Groudon

These guys are component of the key story. Just before the last gym you"ll be sent into the cavern of origin where you"ll battle these huge beasties, and also they"ll be in their new primal form.

There"s only one in her copy of the game. Big ground beasty Groudon is exclusive to Omega Ruby when water monster Kyogre is simply for Alpha Sapphire players. If you desire both, you"ll should trade through someone generosity or gullible.

Both space level 45 so take some appropriately an effective team members.

How to record Rayquaza and also Deoxys

These males are both component of the Delta Episode, i m sorry is an epilogue that activates after her beat the upstream Four.

Towards the end of this quick story, you"ll be sent off to capture Rayquaza - a gibberish level 70 dragon and also flying monster. You have actually to capture this one to proceed (and you"ll also be compelled to shove it in her party for the time being).

Then, you"ll fly off into an are and and also can battle Deoxys. In ~ level 80, this psychic legendary is the highest possible level wild Pokemon in the video game so friend will most likely want to usage your understand Ball top top this dude.

How to catch Latias and also Latios

More legend monsters the come as component of the main campaign. You"ll gain one of these men - the blue Latios in Ruby and also the red Latias in Sapphire, simply to confuse things - by a chap dubbed Steven.

They"re level 30 but you"re just offered one, so friend don"t require to battle it. You"ll have to trade if you desire both of these soaring dragon and psychic monsters on your team.

How to catch Heatran

Heatran is a nifty fire and steel critter who deserve to be found hanging the end at the bottom (the 3rd basement floor) of a location called the "Scorched Slab," simply after you catch Groudon or Kyogre.

You"ll discover a floating portal doodad which transports friend into battle with a level 50 Heatran. Beat it down, placed it to sleep, and also stuff it into a tiny ball no bigger than a grapefruit.

How to catch the Regis and also Regigigas

Okay, these dudes room a pain. You"ll require the move Surf, Dive, Dig, Strength, and also Fly, and also you"ll require a Relicanth and also a Wailord on her team. As soon as you"ve gained all that, read on.

Start by walk to course 133 and also then head west to acquire to path 134. This is a stretch that water where solid currents bring you, and your surfing Pokemon, over to the west however if you follow the right path - acquisition the currents native island to island - you"ll end up in a job of deep, dark water that you have the right to use the relocate dive in.

If you miss out on it, fly ago to route 133 and try again.

If you"re in the best spot you"ll descend right into a mystery cave. Head to the southern of this area and also you"ll uncover some Braille top top the wall (it states "Go up here"). Then go into the room below and use Dive again come ride back to the surface and also enter the Sealed Chamber.

Find the Braille inscription at the north of the tunnel that equates to destruction HERE and also use the move Dig. This will open up a door. Inside, make sure Relicanth is the very first Pokémon in your party and Wailord together is the sixth and then read the article at the end of the tunnel.

This will cause three earthquakes come trigger, opened passages ~ above three paths that will certainly take us to Regice, Regirock, and Registeel.


Regirock is at the bottom that the desert in path 111, in a new location dubbed Desert Tomb. Find the engraving with her instructions 보다 walk right twice, under twice, and also then use Strength. The door to level 40 absent monster Regirock will open.


Regice can be uncovered in the Island Cave, which is on course 105 in the west (you"ll need to surf to uncover it). Within is a Braille article telling you come wait for this reason you have to sit around for two minutes before you can fight level 40 ice jerk Regice.

(Oh, and also give this man a nickname ~ you record it, for this reason you"re ready for Regigigas).


Finally, Registeel is in the old Tomb come the west the Lilycove on route 120. Usage fly in the middle of the room to solve the puzzle and get accessibility to this level 40 steel critter.

Finally, for Regigigas we have to go back to the Island cave with all 3 Regis in our party, yet with some changes as described by a girl in Pacifidlog Town. Basically, Regice demands a nickname and must it is in holding one of two people a CasteliaCone, Snowball or Never-Melt Ice.

Now once you get in the Island cave you"ll struggle the level 50 regular monster Regigagas. He"s a really adaptable Pokemon that learns moves of all sorts of various types.

How to catch Ho-oh and Lugia

Okay, for this reason you"ve encountered Primal Groudon or Kyogre. And also you have accessibility to the Sea Mauville ship wreck. Awesome, dive in and also swim to the very basement and also then hammer the A button until you discover a covert item dubbed the scanner.

Take this come Captain Stern in Slateport City and also he"ll give you a clear Bell if you"re play Omega Ruby or the Tidal Bell if you"re more of an Alpha Sapphire person. Take it the bell earlier to Sea Mauville and also they will start to resonate.

Head to optimal deck in Omega Ruby and Ho-Oh - a level 50 fire and also flying monster - will certainly appear. Or walk to the underwater basement in Alpha Sapphire and Lugia - the level 50 psychic and flying legend - will pop up for a brawl.

How to record Raikou, Entei, and Suicune

These legend dogs deserve to only be uncovered after you have actually both Lugia and Ho-Oh in your team, so you"ll must do part trading between versions.

Anyway, walk Soaring in the Sky, and fly eastern of Rustboro City to find a new area (a "Mirage Spot") the looks choose a tiny forest. Here you will uncover Raikou (electric), Entei,(fire) or Suicune (water). They"re every level 50.

Says Serebii, you have to "remove the Pokémon from her team and also then include them again to gain the next" legend dog on your return expedition to this area. Well okay then.

How to record Cobalion, Terrakion, and also Virizion

Go back into the sky and soar around Pacifidlog city to find a large island referred to as the Pathless Plain. Land and take a path to a peninsula that consists of a portal.

Interact through the portal and a level 50 Virizion (grass and fighting), Terrakion, (rock and fighting) or Cobalion (steel and fighting) will an obstacle you.

According come Serebii you require a Pokémon with max initiative values on your team for this area to appear, and you"ll need to wait 12 hours before you deserve to go back to the Pathless Plain and also face one more of these critters.

How to record Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf

Soar roughly Sootopolis City to discover the Nameless Cavern. Within the cave is a portal which makes the level 50 Pokemon Uxie, Mesprit, or Azelf an obstacle you.

According to Serebii, you"ll have to come back after 12 hours to fight a different one. And also you may need a critter on your team through high delight for this legend encounter.

How to catch Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina

Once you have actually Azelf, Uxie, and also Mesprit on your team, go Soaring in the Sky near Dewford Town.

You will find a weird tear in the sky. Fly right into it and also a Palkia (water) will attack you in Omega Ruby, if a Dialga (steel and also dragon) will collection upon girlfriend in Alpha Sapphire. Both space level 50.

Get both on your team, (so you"ll need to some cross-game trading), and also return come this area and that tear in the sky will reappear. Enter to challenge a level 50 ghost and also dragon critter dubbed Giratina.

How to record Reshiram, Zekrom, and also Kyurem

The Black and White legendaries are captured in a comparable fashion. Walk Sparing near Mauville City to uncover an area with a star over it (Serebii claims you require to have a Level 100 Pokémon on her team). This is the Fabled cavern which consists of a portal.

Activate this portal and also you"ll conference a level 50 Reshiram (dragon and also fire) in Omega Ruby and also Zekrom (dragon and electric) in Alpha Sapphire. Profession them top top the exact same game, lining them on her team, and also go Soaring in the Sky.

Now you"ll discover a brand-new area near Fallarbor Town and also Mt. Chimney dubbed the Gnarled Den. Within you"ll uncover a portal the takes you to a level 50 dragon and also ice monster known to his buddies together Kyurem.

How to record Tornadus, Thundurus and also Landorus

To obtain these guys, you"ll need to have a Castform - an artificial Pokemon obtained in Weather research study Institute - on her team. Currently go Soaring in the sky to find a thunder cloud will over Fortree City.

Get close to it and you"ll have the ability to encounter a level 50 Tornadus (flying) in Omega Ruby or Thundurus (flying and electric) in Alpha Sapphire. When again, obtain them both and have them on her team.

Now go ago to the thunder cloud come fight - and also hopefully record - the level 50 ground and also flying monster Landorus.

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How to record Cresselia

And finally, there"s Cresselia. But even the Pokemon specialists at Serebii can"t help us here. In which method - the unlock technique is quiet unknown - one island will show up south of ever Grande City with a portal that gives you access to Cresselia. This is a level 50 psychic monster.

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