First we"re going to lay the jajalger2018.orgd the flat colors. It"s far better to work with irradiate colors top top thebottom layers and work up due to the fact that you job-related on a white background, lighter colors are morelikely come bleed with the lines without you noticing. I"m walking to begin with the skin color.

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1. Choose the magic wand tool.

2. While staying on the line art layer, click in any area wherein there will be skin color. Youshould obtain a purple-blue color to show which locations you"ve selected. Don’t concern if frijajalger2018.orgd missanything (like one ear or a small finger) because you"ll have the ability to go back with the device andfill those in.






3. Develop a new layer under your line arts later.

4. Pick the bucket tool. The an option should currjajalger2018.orgtly be shown by moving dotted lines.

5. Usage the bucket tool to to fill in your color. Deselect (Selection ⟶ Deselect or CTL + D)and use the tool to fill in anything girlfrijajalger2018.orgd missed.

6. Repeat this process with each various color. Make certain to offer each shade its own layer.

Once you have your color scheme every set, it"s time to begin shading!


ALWAYS lock her layers before shading. Inspect "Opacity Lock" top top the left side.Pick a light source, and start shading v the tool.


I make it soft cell shading through the brush tool. The brush device is an extremely helpful v bljajalger2018.orgdingcolors together and making every little thing look smooth.

And this is whereby my weird hybrid format comes in. But remember, the method you the shade is every yourpreferjajalger2018.orgce. This tutorial is below for her referjajalger2018.orgce, not for you come copy exactly. Remember,originality and personal style is what rjajalger2018.orgders your arts your own. Never settle because that copying someoneelse"s format completely. It"s okay to be influjajalger2018.orgced, yet you"re totally duplicatinganother"s style... There"s no fulfilmjajalger2018.orgt in that. Simply don"t execute it.

If you want to usage cell-shading, disregard the above steps and continue on through these. If girlfrijajalger2018.orgd wantto usage soft-shading, ignore the steps below.

Create a brand-new layer above all the base color layers and also below the line art layer.

Set the bljajalger2018.orgd setting to multiply and readjust the opacity to her preferjajalger2018.orgce.

With the tool, add much more darker values through a darker color.

I"m no going come explain shade theory and such, but I will emphasize using a variety of values.Values space what do a snapshot pop out much more. Use several lights and darks!

Continue the procedure with each color.

For final touches, I shade my line art by locking the layer"s opacity and filling the lines inwith color.

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That pretty lot concludes this tutorial! ns hope this was valuable to you. If you have anyquestions, feel free to keep in mind me and also I will execute the ideal I have the right to to answer them.