Hi everyone! with the recent release the The Sims 2 Ultimate arsenal on beginning for owner of The Sims 2 Simmers have actually been reporting problems with your resolution being stuck at 800×600. We have written a guide for you so the you deserve to increase the resolution to your native screen size.

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THIS guide REQUIRES you TO edit GAME records – back UP THESE files IN A for sure PLACE prior to YOU edit ANYTHING!

STEP 1 – In bespeak to readjust the resolution because that your video game you will need to situate GraphicRules.sgr in C:\Program files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config.

BACK up this paper somewhere safe! one of two people to a USB stick or in my Documents!!

STEP 2 – Open GraphicRules.sgr. (If that asks friend to choose a regime to open up it with pick NotePad)

The very first thing that you space going to desire to carry out is “tell” the video game to permit you come use higher settings. The Sims 2 often pressures the game to play in just low settings if the can’t recognise a graphic card, which will certainly be virtually everyone now as result of the more recent cards due to the fact that The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden an initial released.

STEP 3 – Near the height of this file you will find the following lines: “seti short 1” “seti tool 2” and also “seti High 3”. These tell the video game which default mode to start in and in some situations it will stop you from an altering options in the game. Readjust “seti short 1” and “seti medium 2” come “seti low 3” “seti tool 3”. This will certainly tell the game to use the “high” setups within this file.

You have to now see it looking from this:


to the looking prefer this:


Now that you have actually told the game to let girlfriend use higher settings it’s time to change those resolutions.

STEP 4 – Press Ctrl+F to open up the uncover box and also enter this line in (without any spaces and quotes) “ScreenModeResolution” then click uncover Next.


This will take you to the compelled section. What you watch will look like this:

This section is what permits your game to pat in various resolutions. Depending upon your monitor resolution you may want to have various settings. Ns play top top a 1080×1920 monitor so the settings I am demonstrating are based on that, if friend have greater or reduced resolutions sizes, adjust it come your own settings. From right here you will desire to modify “uintProp maxResWidth” and “uintProp maxResHeight”. This two choices are what tells the video game which resolution setting to beat in.

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STEP 5 – Edit “uintProp maxResWidth” come 1920 and also “uintProp maxResHeight” come 1080 in all 4 sections therefore you see something the looks like this:


And that’s every you need to do in this file! hit Save and exit the document then open the video game up. When you have entered a ar go to the choices then Graphics/Performance Options.


STEP 6 – You should now view that in the screen Size setups you have actually many more options! pick the preferred size and hit use Settings. Girlfriend are now able to play in a larger display size. Have fun!