Roblox is a large platform through multiple alternatives in the interface. V over 100 million monthly users, the developers press updates now and also make the platform better. Yet all these updates are not expected to make the user interface easier. Sometimes, the complex UI pipeline us v no option however to find it on google. If you want to change your personal information favor name, date of birth, or password, you should follow particular steps. As Roblox supports countless devices, transforming this information could get tricky sometimes.

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In Roblox, plenty of players want to change their day of bear from the platform. To change your date of birth on Roblox, girlfriend need an initial to recognize Roblox’s policy belonging come the DOB change on the platform. Roblox is stringent about the policies to carry out safety and also privacy security for your players. In this post, I’ll have actually a complete step by step overview on just how to adjust your Roblox’s age for both above and listed below 13 years.

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How To change Your birthday on Roblox under 13 years?How To adjust Your birthday on Roblox because that 13 or older?FAQs

How To readjust Your date of birth on Roblox under 13 years?


Mobile applications deserve to be a small different due to the vast changes in size. To readjust your birthdate on cell phone –

Open any kind of Browser on her phone. (Google Chrome is recommended as result of its support)Open Roblox and open her account in it.Press the “Continue in Browser” button to open up the profile interface.Now click on the top gear icon and open settings.Change her Birthday and also Save.Open your Roblox application again to inspect desired changes.

Note: In all devices, make sure you don’t change your period to much less than 13 years. By law so, friend cannot edit your birthday furthermore due to its policies.


These are some of the frequently Asked concerns regarding transforming your date of birth in Roblox –

Why go Roblox require your birthday?

Birthdays are supplied to calculation your period and provide you through a proper set of content. Roblox is an extremely strict concerning its safety and also privacy defense for users. Because that these reasons, it’s important to carry out your birthday to avoid any violent content on the platform.

What walk account 13+ mean in Roblox?

Roblox adheres to the COPPA regulations to defend the privacy of kids. The 13 year age mark segregates the kid’s groups. Because that accounts less than 13 year old, castle have an ext privacy security system and other regulation operations. For 13+ accounts, all those constraints are lifted, and the account is open to virtually everything ~ above Roblox.

Is Roblox ok for a 12 year old?

Partially Yes. Roblox has actually a PEGI rating the 7+, which method kids with an er of better than 7 deserve to play Roblox’s games. However it’s always recommended come monitor her child’s task in the game.

Is Roblox poor for kids?

Roblox is prefer a common social media wherein players have the right to play with other players online and also chat v them. If girlfriend wonder even if it is it’s an excellent or bad, it’s dependable on the exposure that youngsters experience top top Roblox. Roblox is complete of innocent and also sweet games and scary stories and also rumors. If girlfriend monitor her kid’s task properly, you deserve to have a great influence the Roblox on her kids.

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Final Words

Roblox has actually proved to be among the best gaming platforms because that the critical decade. With countless games and multiple in-game options, you can have a good experience in the game. Numerous times with a lack of knowledge, girlfriend can gain stuck while an altering the birthdate in Roblox. That’s why this article was dedicated to change your date of birth on Roblox on every devices.