Do you style your hair often? when was the critical time the you cleaned your curling irons? 

If you use a most styling products on your hair then traces of these products are left on your curlers. Hairspray, warm protectants, styling mousse, and leave-on hair products, every these turns to nasty white or brown gunk that construct up end a lengthy time top top the surface product of your curlers or flat iron. If you don’t clean your curling iron then the stains everywhere the curler will affect the performance of your hot tools.

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Worse, this sticky gunk might make their method to her hair, i beg your pardon will definitely ruin her look.

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If girlfriend haven’t thought around cleaning her curling iron prior to then now’s a great time to collection all your warm tools and also giving this a proper cleaning. In this guide, we are listing down ways on just how to clean curling iron.

IMPORTANT: read This prior to Cleaning!

Before cleaning her curler – or any type of hot device for that matter – be certain that the maker is unplugged.Wait until the machine has cooled totally before cleaning your curler.Be sure to dry the device completely before using it when it’s to be cleaned.


How come Clean a Curling Iron: getting the Gunk off Your warm Tools

Option 1: how to Clean a Curling iron v Acetone

Acetone helps malfunction the sticky, nasty gunk the builds increase on the curling barrel. Nail polish removers are easily accessible in most beauty stores too so cleaning your curling iron this method will it is in a simple process. However, there room milder alternatives to acetone if you desire to go simple on the surface ar material. I would certainly recommend this cleaning method for stubborn buildups.

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Cleaning towels or cotton wadFine bristled toothbrushMethod:Saturate a clean bath towel or a wad the cotton v acetone.Rub the bath towel or noodle wad almost everywhere the barrel, making sure that the liquid is no seeping right into the base of the curler and ruining the circuitry.Give the acetone a couple of seconds to ease the gunk then gently scrub away making use of a well bristled toothbrush.Get another clean towel and wipe the gunk off and you’re done.

If you’re using acetone to clean your hot tools, gain the level one, not nail polishing removers through moisturizers and other ingredients.

Option 2: just how to Clean a Curling iron through Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol makes fantastic cleaning certified dealer for hot tools due to the fact that it breaks down traces the hair commodities easily. However, this technique is only recommended because that light stains and might not work-related for stubborn buildups. To eliminate stains efficiently, usage 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. 

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Cleaning towels or noodle wadFine bristled toothbrushPaper towelMethod:Saturate a clean bath towel or a wad of cotton v rubbing alcohol.Rub the saturated towel or noodle wad everywhere the barrel, making certain that the fluid is not seeping into the basic of the curler and ruining the circuitry.Give the rubbing alcohol a few seconds to rest the gunk then gently scrub away making use of a good bristled toothbrush.Get an additional clean document towel and wipe the gunk off and also you’re done.

Option 3: just how to Clean a Curling iron through Baking Soda

Baking soda is wonderful all-around cleaner and it cleans hairspray turn off curling iron!

Here’s What You’ll Need:


WaterCleaning ClothFine bristled toothbrushPaper towelsMethod:To use baking soda to clean your warm tools, mix two parts baking soda with four parts water to type a baking soda paste.With a cleaning cloth, wipe the baking soda and water solution almost everywhere the warm tool similar to a regular store-bought cleaner.Baking soda is mildly abrasive; it will gently elevator the difficult buildup, leaving your hot tools spick and span.For stubborn build-up, use a fine-toothed toothbrush to scrub the stains off. Use the equipment liberally.Once the hot tools room clean, finish off by wiping the devices dry with kitchen towels.

Do not leave the baking soda systems to sit for too long since it could damage the ceramic coating the the curler.

Option 4: just how to Clean a Curling iron through Ammonia

Ammonia is recognized for breaking down stubborn grime or stains led to by cooking grease, alcohol stains, and also yes, even styling buildups of every kinds. This technique is an especially effective in banishing charred buildups, i m sorry are typical in styling tools. Cleaning v ammonia functions so well for ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, ceramic-titanium, or other hybrid ceramic barrels.

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Cotton PadsCleaning ClothZiploc bag (for hard to remove build-ups)Paper towelsMethod:To use ammonia together a cleaner for warm tools, saturate a noodle pad through the solution and also apply almost everywhere the stained barrel.Let the systems sit for 2 minutes or till the burnt buildup softens, it must wipe off easily with a dried cleaning cloth.Repeat until the stain has been gotten rid of completely.

For difficult to remove buildups, try soaking the machine with ammonia.

Use a Ziploc bag and pour ammonia in it.Pop the stain-ridden hot tool in the Ziploc bag. Make certain to submerge the curling iron in the ammonia.Let the maker sit for at least 10 minutes.Remove the device from the Ziploc bag, wipe dry with kitchen towels, the stains must come appropriate off.

Option 5: exactly how to Clean a Curling iron v a experienced Cleaner

Professional cleaners together as range cleaner and also Goo Gone can be used for clean a curling iron. This heavy-duty cleaning agents will remove all kinds of styling stains, especially hairspray buildup.


Here’s What You’ll Need:2 x clean cloths1 x wet clothMethod:Just prepare the cleaner that your an option as fine as two cleaning cloths and also a wet cloth.Apply the product follow to the manufacturer’s instructions.Wipe or scrub the stains making use of the cleaning cloth then complete up v a wipe the damp fabric to eliminate traces that the cleaning agent.Using the 2nd cleaning cloth, offer your hot tool the final swipe and also you’re done.

Goo Gone and also Oven Cleaner work quick in melt hard-to-remove gunk and also hairspray construct up. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction so you don’t finish up damaging the ceramic barrel of her curler.

How frequently Should friend Clean Your hot Tools?

That counts on how frequently you usage your styling tools. If you usage your hot tools all the time then cleaning must be done when or twice per month. If you don’t format your hair regularly, clean just as needed. If you space seeing a difficult film or grimy areas on the barrel, the time come clean your hot tools.

Conclusion: just how to Clean a Curling Iron

Cleaning a curling iron is easy and also most the the cleaners the we’ve detailed on this overview can be discovered in her kitchen. Depending upon the surface material of the curling iron, part are resilient to harsh solutions favor acetone or baking soda when others space sensitive to together cleaning agents.

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My advice would be to begin with the gentlest cleaners if you space cleaning ceramic-based curlers. Because that curlers v titanium plates, friend have much more freedom in terms of the cleaners to use because the metal alloy is difficult enough to stand up to harsh chemicals.