How to transform Joules to Watts

A watt (W) is a measure up of strength in an electric circuit.

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A joule (J) is the measure up energy, especially it’s the amount of power dissipated to relocate a 1 kilogram thing 1 meter making use of 1 newton that force.

If you understand the lot of time in seconds the energy has been dissipated end you can use this formula to convert joules to watts:

Power(W) = Energy(J) ÷ Time(s)

Substitute joules and time in secs in the formula above to identify watts.

Power is same to the power in joules split by the time in seconds.

For example, uncover watts of strength for 250 joules of energy over 40 seconds.

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watts = joules ÷ secondswatts = 250 ÷ 40watts = 6.25

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