Flint and also Steel can be used to burn ground because that a while. That is also used to open up the nether portal.To make Flint and Steel, girlfriend will require Iron Ore, Flint and iron ingot making use of the furnace. please follow the following steps to do Flint and also Steel. 

Iron Ore 

In bespeak to do Flint and Steel, you very first need to obtain at the very least an stole ore. Equip your stone pickaxe and also find part iron ore blocks. You will discover some in the secret mining area.


Now the next compelled item the you will have actually to acquire is flint. Use your stole shovel to dig gravel and gather a flint. 

Iron ingot utilizing furnace 

Now we must use the furnace to acquire iron ingots. Go towards the furnace, include coal in the reduced box and also iron ore in the top box of it. A single iron ore will give you an iron ingot. Add this steel ingot into your inventory. 

Flint and Steel 

Now include flint and also iron ingot in the nearby cells of any row or shaft of the crafting network to acquire Flint and also Steel in the ideal side crate of the crafting table. Include this item in her “ready to use” stock. 

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