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The only way to obtain glass in Minecraft is to scented sand in a furnace. Here's just how to do glass in Minecraft.

Instructions in this article apply to Minecraft for every platforms consisting of Windows, PS4, and also Xbox One.

SandFuel resource (Coal, Wood, etc.)Furnace (craft with 8 Cobblestones or Blackstones)A do Table (craft v 4 timber Planks)

exactly how to handmade Glass in Minecraft

Once you gather the crucial materials, monitor these measures to do glass blocks:

Make a Crafting Table. Location 4 Wood Planks of the same kind of timber in each box of the 2X2 crafting grid. Any kind of planks will occupational (Oak PlanksJungle Planks, etc.).


things You deserve to Make v Glass

Glass is mainly used because that crafting glass panes, i beg your pardon you deserve to use come decorate your buildings. To do stained glass, open up a make Table, place 8 block of Glass in the outer boxes, and also place her dye in the center box.

Glass is additionally a forced material for crafting Beacons, Daylight Sensors, end Crystals, and Glass Bottles.

Glass Panes recipe in Minecraft

To develop glass panes, open a do Table and also place 3 Glass blocks in the optimal row and 3 Glass block in the middle row. Glass panes can be connected and also shaped to develop windows or bigger glass structures.

just how to handmade Beacons in Minecraft

To do a Beacon, place a Netherstar in the center of the crafting Table, place 3 Obsidians on the bottom row, and also then location 5 Glass blocks in the staying boxes.

exactly how to handmade a Daylight Sensor

To do a Daylight Sensor, ar 3 Glass block in the peak row the the make Table, ar 3 Nether Quartz in the middle row, then place 3 lumber Slabs in the bottom crate (any wood Slab will certainly do).

exactly how to Craft end Crystals

To handmade an end Crystal, location an Eye the Ender in the facility of the crafting Table, ar a Ghastly Tear in the center of the bottom row, and then ar 7 Glass block in the remaining boxes.

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just how to handmade Glass bottles

To do a Glass Bottle, ar 2 Glass blocks in the first and last crate in the height row and also 1 Glass block in the center of the 3X3 grid.