Even though owning a pool table brings hrs of funny to her home, it additionally brings a difficulty when moving. Because that the size and weight, it is essential to dismantle a swimming pool table an initial before relocating it. By taking your pool table apart, you minimize the danger of hurting your ago or neck. Also, over there is less chance that you will scratch your timber floor or damages the walls. The course, girlfriend could constantly hire swimming pool table movers Chicago and also have the pros do it because that you. However, if you are relocating on a budget, friend may have to do it yourself. Also if you execute it on your own, you need to make sure it is excellent the ideal way. To help you on her journey, we ready a step by step guide to breaking under your table for the move.

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You need the right tools come dismantle a pool table

If you desire to failure your table before moving it, you can’t just grab a hammer and also start breaking components off. Pool tables are very complex on the inside also though they simply look favor a huge table on the outside. To make this process easier, friend will require the right set of tools for the job. Before you perform anything, us implore friend to be prepared and protected. Wearing gloves and also eye defense will store you for sure from any work injury that might happen. Here are few of the pieces of tools for the task:

Dismantling a swimming pool table makes it simple to transport, yet be mindful not to damage the wood surface

Remove the slate pieces

You will uncover 4 slate screws in every slate piece. Remove each screw with the use of a drill. Same as every the various other parts, bag and label them. Before you remove the slates, brand each one through a number. This is necessary to do due to the fact that they need to be put ago in the same order to correctly assemble the table. The is also important to mark the middle piece, for this reason you know its position. Once you removed the screws and marked the slates, lift lock off and place lock on the side. Keep in mind that you will need assist with this step, as the load of the slates is over 200 pounds. If even one of them gets a scrape or a chip, the entirety table will certainly be ruined.

Dismantle a pool table frame to finish the job

Flip your pool table over and remove the legs, making certain to put all of the hardware in different boxes or bags. Wrap each item of the wooden structure in blankets to prevent scratching the surface, and secure it v tape. An excellent isolation is very important when relocating solid wood furniture. When this is done, the task is lastly complete.

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You don’t must hire professional and reliable movers come dismantle a pool table, also if you room doing a long-distance move. If girlfriend follow these steps, and also be extra mindful in the process, breaking down your pool table will certainly be a breeze, and also nothing will be damaged.