To say ns am pumped come write about this topic would certainly be one understatement. A earlier walkover used to be one of the an abilities I abhorred. As a young gymnast, ns would always think if i was hired as the SEO of gymnastics, I would certainly ban ago walkovers!

It may seem hilarious come you at this point but to me, earlier walkovers to be an arch-nemesis. That was the case until one well morning ns tried to execute a ago walkover one critical time and surprisingly succeed.

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From climate onwards, earlier walkovers space my most favourite an abilities to perform and teach. Therefore, to trust me as soon as I say, ago walkovers are among the most thrilling skills in gymnastics, the trick is just to obtain them right. Ns am walking to shot and deliver to girlfriend the method of performing a earlier walkover together best and also easiest as I can.

If damaged down, a earlier walkover is a combination of several other skills. Likely, you have currently learned these an abilities at former levels.

Most importantly, the an abilities you have to be mindful of and have command over space a backbend, bridge, etc.


Nonetheless, also if that is no the case, over there is nothing you have actually to concern about. With just a little an ext practice 보다 is compelled you will be great to go. Ns would additionally advise instead of investing her time in make the efforts to carry out a decent ago walkover straight away, you take a step ago and understand the pre-required skills.

I know, you might feel together if relocating backward is confining friend from learning, but the fact is quite contrary.

To carry out a earlier walkover, you room going to need to assume the place of a backbend and maintain it. When you space done through the an initial step, shot and relocate your less dominant leg closer to your hands (while continuing to be in the same position).


Afterward, you are going to need to point your lead leg a small forward (away from her head and also hands) in a manner the it is pointing.

Use her lead leg to push versus the ground and bring her leg as much as midair. Your various other leg should follow right afterward.

At this point, your legs must be in a position that is practically identical come a split. To make it easier for yourself, start lifting your head when your leading leg is almost throughout to the other side. Do a perfect landing by placing your command leg ~ above the ground followed by your ago leg. Once you space on the ground, raise your hands in the air again yet slightly leaning front with one of your legs somewhat bent. You did it!

If you are a beginner, the best way to go around doing a back walkover is to start practicing it repetitively ~ above the floor it rotates there room no obstacles left standing in her way. Once you are satisfied with your performance, relocate a step ahead and also start practicing the same skill according to the measures mentioned over a beam.

If you space planning to contend at greater gymnastics levels, gift able to carry out a ago walkover on a beam is walk to aid you score far better at many stages.

Before I start to tutor you around the muscles that are many needed, I think it is necessary to remind a gymnast to take excellent care of her whole body.


As a gymnast myself, i would regularly forget to take proper care of my body and only establish it as soon as it was also late.

Henceforth, i speak native experience as soon as I put to indigenous the prestige of maintaining yourself well-fed and also hydrated.

Moreover, your top limbs, core muscles, and legs space the body parts most actively involved in helping you execute a ago walkover. When you i think the posture of a backbend, the entirety of her body weight instantly shifts to your arms and shoulders.

To preserve that specific posture, her arms beat a significant role. No too various in the case of the other two muscles that aid you selflesslyfrom the begin of the performance to the an extremely end.

If you space a gymnast, you would understand the prestige of having to warmth up before starting with her gymnastics routine. Correspondingly, exercises that make her muscles (of requirement) should be a vital part of her routine.

As much as a back walkover is concerned, the exercise most reliable and renowned is thought about to it is in a handstand.

It dram its part as an all-rounder, v the consist of of virtually all the an abilities that are necessary for a back walkover.


Therefore, it additionally brings your arms and legs into the ideal shape necessary. Once you room through through doing a handstand, update to do the efforts to hold it because that a specific period.

Other exercises the you should shot doing to develop up your muscles (especially arms) room planks, v ups, and ledges.


As I discussed before, ago walkover is an amalgamation the a pair of various other comparatively straightforward skills in gymnastics. I would strongly suggest you attract a drill program consisting of every those an abilities as best as you can suit yourself.

Additionally, attempting to do a leg walkover or a handstand beside a wall surface helps A LOT much more than one would imagine.

P.s.The drills for doing a back walkover top top a beam are not also contrasting native the persons that have to be performed on the floor. A few examples of this are; bridge on the beam and a handstand on the beam.

Like practically all various other gymnastic skills, back walkovers require minimum to no tools for learning. Friend can even learn this skill collection on level grass or a simple gymnastics mat. As well as that, you may need a short beam and also low weights because that the drills.

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