Connect your Wii console to the InternetFollow the actions below. native the Wii main menu, usage the Wii far to pick the "Wii" button.

Now, choose "Wii Settings" to access the "Wii system Settings" menu.
making use of the arrowhead on the appropriate side of the screen, scroll to page two and also select "Internet."
select "Connection 1: None"
(Don"t see "None" in link 1? Click the connection 1 button, then select "Clear Settings.") click "Wireless Connection" and then "Search for an access Point."
choose "OK" and the Wii will display all the wireless networks the finds.

Asked to get in a security key?
If friend are prompted to "Enter the Password or Key," climate the wireless network you are trying to affix to has actually wireless defense turned on. You will need to type in your security an essential or password and also select "OK."
Don"t understand your router"s security key?
Let us aid you uncover your router"s defense key. Support.jajalger2018.org has information on thousands of routers. You re welcome visit: www.jajalger2018.org/consumer/wfc/en_na/routers/index.jsp

Select "OK," "Save Settings," and then "Yes."The Wii console will certainly run a link test with your wireless network when the test is completed. You have to see the adhering to screen:
As long as you check out "The link test was successful," the "Wii assistance Code" does not matter and also can it is in ignoredThe link test was successful - climate you"re almost done! ~ your connection test, the Wii console will examine if over there is a new Wii mechanism Update available. Once you pick "Yes" and also "I Accept," the Wii will start to download any accessible updates.The connection test to be not successful - If the test was no successful, friend will get an error code.Error code 51330: This way the protection code you gone into into the Wii is no the same one your router is set to. Look in your router"s settings and shot again.All various other error codes: Visit support.jajalger2018.org and use the error password lookup on the left side of every page.Once the Wii finishes downloading any type of updates, you will go back to the main Wii menu screen. You"re almost finished! You will certainly now need to affix your Wii console to your Netflix account. Please watch the step-by-step information below to end up the procedure and start watching Netflix contents on her Wii.

Download Netflix immediate Streaming for Wii indigenous the Wii Shop Channel currently that her Wii console is connected to the Internet, you deserve to download the Netflix instant Streaming for Wii from the Wii Shop Channel. As soon as it"s downloaded, you"ll usage it to stream movies and also TV episodes through your Wii. pick the Wii Shop Channel on the Wii Menu.


If you have actually not formerly accessed the Wii Shop Channel, friend will have to read and agree to the User Agreement.

A display screen will appear asking you if you want to connect a club jajalger2018.org account to your Wii Shop account. If you have actually a club jajalger2018.org Membership, enter your User Name and also Password, then select "Link" top top the right. If you carry out not have a society jajalger2018.org Membership, leave the areas blank and select "Do not link" on the left.

choose "Wii Channels" indigenous the Wii Shop Channel key menu, then pick "Netflix immediate Streaming for Wii." pick "Yes" to start the download.

once Netflix instant Streaming because that Wii finishes downloading, it will certainly be included to your Wii menu.

After Netflix instant Streaming for Wii has been added, the next thing you"ll should do is attach your Wii console through your Netflix account. Continue reading for an ext information.

Connect your Wii console to her Netflix accountBefore you have the right to watch TV episodes and also movies streaming native Netflix, you will need to attach your Wii console to her Netflix account. There space two various ways to carry out this. Monitor the instructions listed below that match the screen you see as soon as you choose Netflix on her Wii console. Authorize in to her Netflix account


On the Member sign In screen, click "Email."Using the onscreen keyboard, get in the email deal with that you have connected to her Netflix account. (This is the exact same email resolve you would use to sign into Netflix.com.)

Once the email address is properly typed, choose "Enter", then pick the "Password" area, and use the Wii remote to go into your Netflix account password. Select "Enter" once finished.

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When her email and also password have actually been entered, choose the "Continue" button.

Once girlfriend have properly signed in, you deserve to watch TV episodes and movies streaming native Netflix on your Wii console.

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If you have forgotten her Netflix password or require other help with her Netflix account, please visit www.netflix.com/support

Activate her Wii console top top the Netflix Website.

On your Wii If you"re not already on this display on your television, choose Netflix instant Streaming because that Wii from the Wii menu. On this display screen you will be presented v a code; continue to be on this display during the activation process. On her home computer system Using an online maker other than your Wii console - such together a PC, Mac, or Web-enabled phone - walk to www.netflix.com/wii. (You will have to log into your Netflix account if you"re not currently logged in.) quiet on your home computer Enter the code displayed on your television right into the box on the Netflix internet page, climate click "Activate Now." (The password is instance sensitive.) back to your WiiNetflix will currently attempt to activate the link to your Wii console. This might take several minutes. Once the process is complete, the Wii will immediately display her queue. (The screen on your computer system will not change. Wait because that the display screen displayed by the Wii on her TV to indicate the activation has finished before going to one more Web page.) and finally, clock TV episodes and also movies streaming from Netflix on your Wii console by picking the Netflix prompt Streaming because that Wii ~ above the Wii main menu.