trying to number out how to evolve your Munchlax? review all around it here, and also some other interesting facts about this Pokémon.

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out of all the baby Pokémon in the series, Munchlax is definitely one of the an ext interesting ones. Introduced early on on prior to the relax of any Generation IV games, Munchlax springboarded turn off of the popular Snorlax had got through the franchise"s background so far.

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most players understand that obtaining a Munchlax requires reproduction a Snorlax with a Lax Incense, however there are numerous other facts around the "Big Eater Pokémon" that deserve to be missed transparent one"s playthrough of any type of Pokémon game. This list will certainly enlighten you v 10 facts around Munchlax, including just how to evolve it, so girlfriend will become a Munchlax expert.

Munchlax was originally revealed in may of 2004, making that the an initial Generation IV Pokémon ever revealed. Earlier in the early/mid 2000s, that was simpler for game companies to promote their games without the hazard of leaks ruining the surprise, and the hype for brand-new Pokémon games on a brand new system sent fans into a flurry. The release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl assisted revive the Pokémon franchise, happen in newer, younger fans together first-time players.

Munchlax was the very first Pokémon video game Freak determined to showcase, and what far better what come stir up excitement than an adorable infant Pokémon of one already-loved classic?

Weighing in at 231.5 pounds, Munchlax is the heaviest baby Pokémon, outweighing others such as Bonsly (33.1 pounds) and also Tyrogue (46.3 pounds). If Munchlax were able to it is in thrown in Super smash Brothers like Bonsly was in Super Smash brothers Brawl, he would send every enemy flying turn off the screen!

Though there are countless colossal Pokémon heavier 보다 Munchlax, most humans would battle to elevator 231 pounds, and also for Munchlax"s petite dimension (just two feet tall), it is quite an enigma the physics. Considering just exactly how much the eats, however, that isn"t all as well surprising.

The friendship mechanic in Pokémon has been around since Generation I v the player"s companion Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow, however wasn"t broadened to encompass all Pokémon till Generation II. Munchlax will certainly evolve into Snorlax as soon as they level up v a friendship level is 220 or higher. This worth cannot be viewed in-game, however NPCs have the right to analyze the player"s Pokémon come see exactly how much lock love or trust their trainer. There are likewise mechanics such as Diamon & Pearl"s Pokétch which contains an app that mirrors friendship level with hearts.

giving Munchlax heal items, berries, and other foods items will make it an ext friendly towards their trainer, and also leveling increase or dealing with it to massages or grooming.

It most likely shouldn"t come together a surprise that a Pokémon called Munchlax is sluggish and...well, relaxed, however just exactly how low Munchlax"s base rate stat is may surprise you. It has actually a basic stat full of 390, and also a whole 5 of those stat point out are specialized to Speed, do it among the slowest Pokémon ever, contending with Pyukumuku and also Shuckle.

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You deserve to be assured a Munchlax will probably never attack first, unless Trick Room is in effect. Because Munchlax is right into eating and napping, it renders sense the its stats would certainly reflect its lore.

number of baby Pokémon evolve via friendship like Munchlax, consisting of Azurill, Chingling, and Riolu, however none have actually the base stat total Munchlax does. Considering how many baby Pokémon exist in the games, having the highest possible stats the them every is rather a feat, and also Munchlax earns that medal through a basic stat complete of 390. Other infant Pokémon such as Mime Jr. Have totals of just 310, or Azurill"s meager 190 total.

Munchlax"s greatest stat is unsurprisingly that HP, akin to its evolution, Snorlax. Munchlax"s basic HP is 135, fairly close come Snorlax"s 160.

before players can even get their hands on a Munchlax and also battle with it, the huge eater Pokémon appeared in three various games prior to the relax of Pokémon Diamond and also Pearl. The first was Pokémon Dash, a racing game from 2004 and also the very an initial Pokémon game released top top Nintendo DS.

Munchlax"s next appearance was in Pokémon XD: Gale that Darkness, exit in Japan in august of 2005. Finally, Munchlax made a cameo in Pokémon secret Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and also Blue Rescue Team, where that would trade the Munch Belt in exchange for food items.

Munchlax make its main anime debut in the 7th Pokémon movie, Destiny Deoxys, where that was primarily comedic relief because that the film. Exit in Japanese theatres on July 17th of 2004, Munchlax can first be watched cleaning up litter in Larousse City, introducing itself at an early stage in the film.

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The Pokémon end up gift a hero because that Ash and also his friends, who shot to make it come a tower come regain regulate of the city from Deoxys. Ash and Tory attempt to journey a warm dog device to the tower yet miss, yet Munchlax, that was hiding in the machine, bursts out and also evolves right into Snorlax, enabling Ash to step throughout it and get to the tower.

healing 1/16th of the holder"s HP every turn, the Leftovers are taken into consideration one that the most valuable held items in Pokémon (perhaps as well useful) and have consistently been pursued down in every game in the franchise including Sword & Shield. The sleeping Snorlax the player need to wake increase in the initial Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow always hold Leftovers, and also such has actually been true because that every catchable Snorlax other than for the people in FireRed and Leafgreen and X & Y. However, wild Munchlax will always hold Leftovers without any type of exceptions, making that another good reason to have a Munchlax in any Pokémon game.

baby Pokémon aren"t usually associated with handle one-hit knock-outs: they space usually recognized to it is in weak, adorable, and also important for breeding. Munchlax, however, deserve to learn the move Fissure many thanks to breeding.

Fissure is a relocate with 30% accuracy (not an extremely accurate in ~ all) come balance its enormous power. It is greatly learned by soil or Water-type Pokémon such as Dugtrio or Whiscash, yet can likewise be teach via TM in Generation ns games. To have actually a Munchlax who knows Fissure, one can gain a Stunfisk (who to learn Fissure at level 55) and also breed it with an additional Pokémon in the Water 1 and also Monster Egg group such as Lapras. This Lapras deserve to then breed with a Snorlax hold a Lax Incense to develop a Fissure-knowing Munchlax indigenous an egg.

among the most revealing facts about Munchlax is what the Generation IV Pokédex reports around it: "It hides food under its long body hair. However, it forgets it has hidden the food." Munchlax endeavors to eat its whole body weight in food (231 pounds) every solitary day, meaning it is regularly chowing down nonstop. Black and White"s Pokédex entry speaks of its "desperation come gulp under food" which causes it to forget about its hidden food in the very first place. Munchlax is a trash can who must consume any and also all scraps that is given, whether delicious or rotten.

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