When the steep of aline is undefined, the line is a vertical one. This is because a upright is infinitely steep, you cannot determine the steep of that line. As soon as the heat is vertical, every allude on that line has the very same x-coordinate.

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The x-intercept is (2, 0). This method that the line crosses the x-axis in ~ x=2. Therefore, the equation that the line is

The equation the a line may be to express in standard Form, slope-intercept form, point-slope form, etc.
In slope-intercept form, y= mx + b, m=slope and b is the y-intercept (y-value once x=0). The steep m is undefined because that a upright line.
However, the line may still be expressed in standard From, Ax + by = C. Since the steep is -A/B, a worth of B=0 method that the steep is undefined; this pipeline the equation as Ax = C.
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Havin a trouble with this steep equation. Can you help?(9,-5); 3x-5y=6

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consider the equation y=3x+6 and determine what the y-intercept and slope

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(-2,r), (6,7), m=1/2. How do you find r?

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my mathematics that i am doing i am having a tough time through +2-4 and its questioning me to uncover the steep on my graph ns dont know just how to read a graph

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recognize the steep of the line presented whose equation is y=3/2x+1

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