The accessibility Pass, or AP, is an optional happen for the IMVU website. Purchase the accessibility Pass is limited to individuals who are 18 or older and also grants accessibility to a variety of additional, much more mature content. Knowing specifically what you get from the access Pass can aid you decision whether it"s precious buying for you.

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Purchasing the accessibility Pass allows you come see and also purchase extr items in the IMVU catalog. These items include an ext mature themes, such as nudity, alcohol and also tobacco use, profanity, mild violence and also sexual themes. However, this items space still minimal by IMVU"s Virtual products Rating Policy, and will not encompass themes that have been reputed too mature because that IMVU, such as suicide, drug use, discrimination, excessive violence, cruelty to pets or solid sexual content.

Purchasing the access Pass enables you to view any kind of sections the IMVU that space deemed more mature. This contains groups and also public rooms, as well as two forums committed respectively come general conversation between accessibility Pass users and the discussion and also request of access Pass contents in the IMVU catalog.

A free age confirmation token is contained with the acquisition of the access Pass. This token sponsor you a special badge for her profile; this badge assures civilization who see your profile the you room as old as you case to be. If you have already bought period verification token before buying the access Pass, girlfriend will obtain a refund for the price that the age verification token in the kind of IMVU credits.

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Purchasing the accessibility Pass unlocks additional animations in the IMVU customer and allows you to restrict your public room just to accessibility Pass holders. Additionally, you can restrict your entire homepage or components of it only to access Pass holders and create one accessibility Pass minimal group because that free. If you have actually bought her avatar name and also signed up as a content creator, girlfriend can likewise create accessibility Pass restricted content and upload it to the IMVU catalog.

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