Getting Mew in Pokémon Yellow (and Red and Blue, too) can only be done via a glitch in the game, uneven you’re making use of cheats. It’s actually a lot simpler than most human being think and can be excellent by complying with a couple of simple measures that we’ll take you with in this article. 

It have to be listed that friend don’t need to obtain Mew to complete the Pokedex, but who doesn’t want this mystical cat-like Psychic Pokémon in their squad! check out on come learn exactly how to record Mew in Pokémon Yellow. 

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Step 1 – Nugget Bridge

Head north from Cerulean City on follow the Nugget bridge path

Before starting, you’ll need to have a Pokémon v the capacity to paris or Teleport, for this reason you can want to review our guide on how to capture Abra first. Keep in mind that if you perform want to record Abra, you’ll need to avoid the trainer that stands in the patch of grass whereby you uncover him. The reason why will come to be clear in a moment. 

Once you reach Cerulean City because that the very first time (the glitch won’t occupational unless you carry out it on the first visit) head phibìc on the Nugget Bridge and also take a left when you gain to the top. On the various other side of the water you’ll watch a guy standing in the grass. You’ll want to method him really slowly. As quickly as you relocate within his sight press the menu switch (see picture below). You’ll need to press the menu button nearly immediately after pushing down to move closer to him. This is the hardest part to execute in the glitch so take your time to obtain it right and also save the video game beforehand! 

Press the menu switch as shortly as you step closer come the male at the bottom

Once you’ve acquired the menu button open, usage a Pokémon through either the fly or Teleport capability to transport back to the Pokémon Center. You’ll know that you’ve excellent it ideal if there is one exclamation mark above the trainer as you space teleporting away. 

Step 2 – defeat YOUNGSTER Trainer

Now the you are ago in Cerulean City, head phibìc on Nugget leg again, however this time take it a ideal towards path 24. You’ll want to defeat all of the trainers there other than for the YOUNGSTER trainer emphasize in the photo below. 

Youngster Trainer highlighted in yellow

After beating all the other trainers, teleport ago to the Pokémon center in Cerulean City and also heal every one of your Pokémon. Head ago north and also up Nugget Bridge and also go earlier towards the YOUNGSTER trainer native the snapshot above. Friend don’t want to walk appropriate in former of the though. The glitch necessitates that you must relocate up beside the wall and then shot and walk past him. See the snapshot below to check out the highlighted allude where you should walk to. Walking past the trainer in this place will prompt that to strategy you and also start a battle. Defeat the YOUNGSTER and also Teleport earlier to the Pokémon Center. 

Go past the ‘Youngster’ trainer, yet not straight in front of him

Step 3 – gain Your Mew!

The hard part is over and also now you’re fine on your means to acquiring the mystical 151st Pokémon. 

Once you’re earlier at the Pokémon Center, head back up the Nugget leg north of Cerulean City for the critical time. 

As friend walk up along the bridge, the game will stop automatically, simply unpause the game and you’ll get in a battle with Mew. Currently all you need to do is record it. That worth having actually a grasp Ball prepared to insurance the capture. 

The video game will immediately pause ~ above the Nugget Bridge

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