I’ve recently become a press-on manicure stan. Together someone that admittedly allows her unmanicured nails watch the irradiate of a day, I uncover that press-on pond look really natural and also are a lifesaver once I need a fresh manicure ASAP. At any time I"m done wearing mine press-ons, though, I’m constantly faced through the exact same question: just how do ns take them turn off without damaging mine nails? To help me number it out, ns chatted with celebrity pond artist Gina Edwards. Keep reading to learn the right way to eliminate all types of press-on nails.

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STEP 1: usage a good Glue

The an initial step in properly removing your press-on nails actually happens prior to the removal procedure begins, defines Edwards. To ensure a smooth removal, you want to make sure you’re using a good glue the won’t reason damage to your nails. Because that instance, the Kiss Brush-On nail Glue is produced easy application and removal. Plus, it’s formulated with aloe vera to assist keep your nails moisturized and also protected.

STEP 2: Soak your Nails

“The best method to eliminate press-ons is come soak lock in a small ceramic or glass key filled through acetone-based pond polish remover,” claims Edwards. Soak till the glue breaks down and also the pond become loosened enough to effortlessly traction them turn off or until they fall off on your own. This technique works because that press-on nails that you need to glue ~ above yourself and also the ones that have actually the adhesive already on them. To speed up the process, Edwards states you can additionally use an man-made nail remover kit, choose the Dashing Diva Soak Off gel Remover Kit. Whatever you choose, remember to be patient. If you yank off her press-ons before they’re ready, it can strip layers off your organic nails and damage them.

STEP 3: use a Soft Buffer

If you’re soaking her nails and an alert that they’re still not conveniently coming off, Edwards recommends using a soft pond buffer to carefully remove them. “Never, ever before pull increase the false pond or document harshly,” she says.

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STEP 4: Cuticle Oil

It’s likely that ~ all the glue and acetone, your nails space in need of a tiny TLC, for this reason be certain to monitor up through cuticle oil. We like the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil or the Olive & June Cuticle Serum, which come in a travel-friendly pen, and hydrates, soothes and cares for your nails there is no feeling also greasy.



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