Maybe you require a readjust in scenery. Maybe your friends room all the way over the other finish of the world. Everything your reason, you’ll have to know just how to go to places. The famous saying walk ‘the grass is constantly greener ~ above the other side’. Maybe, simply maybe, there are better opportunities to earn WoW classic gold there.

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Here space some means to travel across Azeroth.

Alliance Methods

Darnassus to Stormwind

Night Elves and characters around Teldrassil can gain to the east Kingdoms with Darnassus. To the west of the bank, there is a pink portal under part tree roots. It will certainly take you to Rut’theran Village, the harbor of the Night Elves.

There space three port here, one to the east, one to the west, and the critical to the south. Take it the watercraft that docks in the southern port. It will take you to Stormwind Harbor. From there you rise up slopes and also stairs come the city proper. You’ll find accessibility to the Deeprun Tram there, which deserve to take you to Ironforge.

Menethil to Theramore

Any alliance player who has actually reached Menethil Harbor deserve to take a ferry to Theramore in Kalimdor. This is additionally the easiest way to with Gadgetzan. Friend will need to swim, so come ready with Water Breathing and Swim rate Potions.

Horde Methods


Orgrimmar in Kalimdor has actually zeppelins going come Undercity and also Grom’gol in the Eastern Kingdoms. The paths actually form a triangle connecting the three cities. Unfortunately, Orgrimmar is the only Horde-allied city to market cross-continent travel.

They can also take the neutral boat from Ratchet come Booty Bay. The Alliance might use this method as well.


Those who space friends v high-leveled mages have the right to have them open up a portal to most other cities. Ironforge, Stormwind, Theramore, and also Exodarportals are obtainable to level 40 mages. Darnassus portals can only be opened by level 50 ones.

Of course, you have the right to ask any mage to open a portal to cities for you. However, you must be ready to shell out some gold to do it precious the stranger’s time. If you’re asking a friend, sell to execute something because that them in return. Make certain you uphold your finish of the bargain!

An different is to develop your very own mage and level them up. The way, you won’t have to inconvenience who else, nor invest your hard-earned gold.


This course can learn the distinct ability, nevertheless of race. Since the location is in northern Kalimdor, a druid with a Hearthstone set in the east Kingdoms can travel in between the continents easily. It’s a handy trick for any type of druid seek to quest in both continents.

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Now the you know exactly how to gain there, it’s time to get exploring! Azerothis a big world. Friend don’t need to limit you yourself to one continent when there are four to travel to. It’s filled with different sights and also environments, and also exploration is the only method to suffer them all.