Nowadays, various companies like to obtain their pay stubs and w2 explanation via an digital portal instead of the record pay stub. Providers are likewise enjoying this electronic method instead that stacks the papers. It is why Walmart firm recommends the Equifax workforce Solutions’ Tax type Management portal for W2 statements. Follow the accuse to authorize Up to get w2 electronically:

Access indict forW2 Statements

Step 1:

Step 2:

Enter her Employer code: 10108 and also click ~ above the Login>> button. Enter your SSN (Social security Number) and click top top Continue. Enter the initial pin according to on-screen instruction and click on log in In. If you room an old user, go into your readjusted PIN and click on log In to accessibility your w2; climate skip action 3.

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Step 3:

You might be inquiry some defense questions and also answer them for her future security.Provide your call information favor a phone number and also email address.Now you have actually to change your early stage PIN and enter a new PIN and also continue to the next step.

Step 4:

In this step, you will certainly be navigated come the home dashboard.If you space an old user, then you may be asked defense questions to confirm your Identity. Top top the other hand, you might be confirmed by one-time passcode via text or phone call.Now you have to select the delivery option together “Receive forms Online” under the “My Account” menu.

Step 5:

Now read “W2 Consent” carefully and click on the checkbox as “I understand and also accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery,” then click Accept and continue.Select or administer an email attend to for gaining a notice when your w2 is ready and also click top top select and confirm.>

Areyou a previous employee??

Your W2 is also accessible here. You have the right to make a speak to at this number 479-273-4323 for any help. If you desire to change or upgrade your address, friend can aid with online chatting from

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