As pet owners, we give our dogs and cats baths when they start to smell poor or as soon as they just need a shower. However, walk the same apply to our small hamster friends together well?

The prize is not exactly! In fact, a hamster’s grooming requirements are quite different from the canine and also feline friends.

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In this article, we’ll share about the causes of odours from her hamster, when and also how to provide hamsters a bath and several choices to a bath.

*Disclaimer: This short article provides basic information that must not be supplied in ar of experienced advice native a vet. Please consult a vet about their encourage procedure because that cleaning a hamster.

Do We need to Bathe Hamsters?

Since the grooming needs of a hamster differ from that of your larger pet friends, carry out they still need a bath?

Hamsters are normally clean animals with almost zero odours. Additionally, they tend to spend up to 20% of their time grooming themselves. Hence, over there isn’t a have to bathe them unless absolutely necessary.

When to offer hamsters a bath

​​Despite their cleanliness, over there are certain situations as soon as a bath is required. This includes situations where:• There room sticky building material on your hamster’s fur• There are toxic substances on your hamster’s hair such as nail varnish or paint• your hamster has actually a skin problem (such as a mite infestation or bacterial/fungal infection) that calls for the usage of a vet-prescribed medicated shampoo

Note! Water strips your hamster’s fur of the natural and also essential oils that provide them a healthy and silky coat. Additionally, it renders them more susceptible to colds and also this can be fatal.

Causes of Odours In Hamsters

Though hamsters are typically clean animals, there might be details occasions when you encounter destructive odours:

Dirty cage


When your hamster’s cage it s okay dirty, it might produce bad odours. Thus, cleaning his cage typically is important in maintaining the cleanliness and also comfort the his home.

These space some general guidelines when it concerns cleaning his cage:• change bedding whenever the soiled/wet• Clean the restroom area daily• Place new bedding weekly• Wipe his food dish weekly• Clean his bottle weekly• Clean the whole cage and accessories (including hamster toys and also hamster wheels) v mild soap and also water weekly

However, the cleaning schedule will likewise depend on the dimension of his cage and the variety of hamsters friend have.

your hamster could be sick


Another factor for an odour emanating from your hamster is if he is sick. Once he’s emotion unwell, he might fail to clean himself frequently.

Some common hamster illnesses include:

1. Wet Tail

Wet Tail is the inflammation of the small intestine caused by a form of bacteria. It outcomes in diarrhoea and also can it is in fatal. Thus, it’s essential that you acquire your hamster to a vet immediately.

Young Syrian hamsters are most commonly influenced by this condition.

2. Yeast or fungal infection

Yeast or fungal infections are often caused through contaminated or wet bedding.

These infections room highly typical in Singapore due to the tropic climate and are contagious. Hence, you’re advised to change soiled beddings immediately.

Fortunately, this condition is not fatal and also your hamster will recover in a couple of mainly with an excellent and ideal care.

3. Urinary Tract epidemic (UTI)

UTI is the infection of the bladder caused by bacteria. Hamsters suffering from UTI have tendency to consume more water and also urinate more often. Their urine will additionally contain traces of blood.

UTI generally requires suitable medication from a vet. Therefore, you’re urged to visit the vet as quickly as feasible to protect against it from occurring into a much more serious condition.

Note! If you have multiple hamsters, ar your infected hamster in quarantine as details conditions have the right to be contagious. You may additionally wish come switch out their bedding with kitchen towels temporarily to prevent further contamination.

If it’s essential to give your hamster a bath, follow these steps to clean that safely:

step 1: Wet a toothbrush

Grab a toothbrush and also wet it v water.

Step 2: place your hamster on her palm

Place your hamster on your palm and ensure that he remains as still together possible. Alternatively, location him ~ above a level surface.

Step 3: Brush her hamster gently

Using the wet toothbrush, gently brush your hamster’s fur to remove the sticky or toxic substance caught in his fur.

Step 4: Let your hamster dry in a warmth space

Once did you do it cleaned her hamster, ar him in a warmth airy an are to dry prior to placing him earlier into the cage. This will protect against him from recording a cold.

Alternatives To shower A Hamster

As water baths no the safest option for hamsters, right here are some alternative methods that cleaning your tiny fur friend!

1. Brushing


Brushing or combing is a an excellent way to clean your hamster for sure if he’s dirty or has actually something grounding in his fur.

You have the right to use hamster brushes and combs or even a consistent toothbrush for this. For hamsters with much longer fur, brushing must be done much more regularly.

How come brush your hamster’s fur

Step 1: pick up your hamster by the back of his neckAn easy method to choose up her hamster would be through the skin top top the ago of his neck. This generally keeps that calm and also prevents the from struggling to get away.

Step 2: Brush his furOnce did you do it calmed the down, take the brush or comb and brush in a forward motion before switching to a behind motion.

Step 3: watch for tumours and skin conditionsWhile brushing, watch for indications of tumours and other skin conditions.

When taking care of Syrian hamsters, if you notification a damp spot in their rear areas, you have to take them to the vet since they’re vulnerable to contracting Wet Tail.

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2. Trim your fur


In part cases, to brush gently might not remove the substances stuck in your fur. Thus, a pair of little grooming scissors might come in handy because that trimming their fur.

Dog grooming scissors intended because that sensitive locations like the ago of their ear are great for this. They come v rounded edges, are an exact and don’t cause pulling.

How to trim her hamster’s fur

Step 1: gather the fur between your fingersStart by collection the hair you’d like to trim in between your fingers and ensure the your hamster is remaining as still as possible.

Step 2: Trim the furWith the scissors in hand, swiftly and also carefully trim her hamster’s fur.

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3. Sand bath


This is the ideal an approach for keeping your hamster clean as it’s the safest and also can be done frequently. In fact, sand shower keeps hamsters’ coats clean and totally free of grease and many hamsters enjoy it!

When purchasing bath sand, it’s vital to ensure the the product is indeed sand fairly than dust. Dust can cause hamsters to suffer from respiratory issues when inhaled.

How come bathe your hamster in sand

Step 1: Prepare a container or bath houseGet a container or bath house that’s huge enough for your hamster come roll approximately in.

Step 2: fill the container or bath residence with bath sandFill it up with specialised bath powder for tiny pets and watch together your hamster tumbles around in the sand.

Step 3: Dust the sand off your hamsterOnce your hamster is done through his bath, dust the sand turn off him or allow him do it himself. Dirt and hardened faeces the were caught in his fur will come off conveniently with the assist of the sand bath.

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4. Point out cleaning


Spot clean is offered for cleaning specific spots on your hamster. However, as it involves water, it need to only be used as the critical resort.

How come spot clean your hamster

Step 1: find a warmth roomBring your hamster to a warmth room wherein his hair can dried quickly.

Step 2: obtain a wet clothTake part hamster wipes or wet a part of a soft fabric or washcloth.

Step 3: gently clean the hamsterUsing the damp towel or hamster wipe, gently clean the specific spot on your hamster.

Step 4: Let your hamster’s hair air dryOnce you’re excellent cleaning, permit your hamster’s fur to wait dry fully before placing him back in the cage. This will minimise his threat of catching a cold.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

How do hamsters clean themselves?

Like cats, hamsters clean their coats through licking their paws and grooming your fur. They typically do this more than when a day.

Can you offer a hamster a bath?

If you’re unable to remove specific substances by to brush or trimming your hamster’s fur or making use of a sand bath, you may resort to using water. However, it’s dangerous and could reason him to catch a cold.

Thus, you advised not to usage water unless absolutely necessary.

How often should I adjust my hamster’s sand bath?

The frequency of transforming your hamster’s sand bath depends on how frequently he supplies it and this may differ depending on his breed.

In general, this is the frequency of transforming sand baths according to her hamster’s breed:• Dwarf hamsters: Every 1 – 2 weeks• Syrian hamsters: Every 3 mainly or as soon as cleaning the cage• various other breeds: Every week

Additionally, if you check out wet clumps in the sand, you should additionally remove them.

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Bathing her Hamster Safely

As a pet parent, it’s always best come opt because that the most safe option. Thus, when it concerns cleaning your hamster, you’re encourage to avoid using water unless absolutely necessary.