Blue balls are real.The condition is resulted in by overfill blood continuing to be in the penis and testicles throughout erection for a lengthy time without sexual release. Blue balls aren’t dangerous, and there’s a pretty straightforward remedy.

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“Blue balls” is provided as a number of speech to indicate frustration so regularly that it has actually an abstract, nearly mythical status. However blue balls are a an extremely real medical condition — trust us, endure it once, and you’ll be a believer. (But us don’t wish it ~ above anyone.)


Blue balls room real.The condition is resulted in by overabundance blood remaining in the penis and testicles during erection for a an extensive time without sex-related release. Blue balls aren’t dangerous, and also there’s a pretty straightforward remedy.Women have the right to experience the condition too.

What room blue balls?

“Blue balls,” likewise known as epididymal hypertension (EH), is one uncomfortable problem that results from having an erection for a an extensive period of time there is no ejaculation. It is, in fact, a actual thing. Here’s why blue balls happens, and also how to attend to it.

Why do people get blue balls?

The penis and testicles contain hundreds of blood vessels the expand and fill with blood throughout an erection. We all recognize that the cock stiffens, yet the testicles also increase a little in size. After ~ orgasm (or a decrease in arousal), the blood flows ago into the body.


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But once that overfill blood stays in the vul for a long time without being released, that increased blood press (the “hypertension” in the medical term) can gain painful, leading to an pains in the testicles not-so-fondly known as blue balls. This deserve to happen during sexual task with a companion or an extended masturbation session (a.k.a. Edging) there is no ejaculating.

Signs and symptoms of blue balls

The symptoms of blue balls can include:

Heaviness in the scrotumAn aching sensationTesticular pain or gentle discomfortPossibly, a faint blue tint

Curiously, the an initial peer-reviewed document on blue balls wasn’t published until October 2000. The researchers theorized the it’s resulted in by blood flowing right into the genitals and not flow out, bring about swelling, particularly in the epididymis (the pipe behind the testicles, i m sorry store and transports sperm.) “Perhaps if this persists and testicular venous drainage is slowed, pressure builds and also causes pain,” the researchers wrote. “Is epididymal distension the cause of the pain? just like any disease entity, over there is probably a spectrum that pain v ‘blue balls’ differing from brief, mild uncomfortable to severe, sustained pain.” (Chalett & Nerenberg, 2000)

Myths about blue balls

Myth #1: Blue balls space dangerous.

This is no true. Although blue balls can feel distressing, it’s a relatively common, innocuous condition that’s conveniently resolved by having an orgasm.

Myth #2: Blue balls constantly look blue.

Any blueish hue that outcomes from blue balls is normally subtle and also may not happen at all.

Myth #3: It simply happens come men.

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Nope. Despite this phenomenon hasn’t been explained by researchers, it appears that ladies can gain “blue vulva” from sex-related frustration as well — throughout sexual arousal, raised blood circulation makes the vulva and also clitoris swollen slightly. As soon as the blood is “trapped” too lengthy by extended arousal without sexual release, discomfort or pain could result.

Treatment alternatives for blue balls

This is a fairly easy one: Ejaculate. Having actually an orgasm will release overabundance blood native the genitals and resolve blue balls.

If her testicles ache or feel heavy that won’t walk away or isn’t pertained to blue balls, consult your medical care provider or a urologist.