You use hanging indents in a, referral list, and works cited. A hanging indent is whereby the second and subsequent lines that a citation room indented 5 spaces. Learn just how to create a hanging indent in Google Docs and also Microsoft Word. See examples of exactly how a hanging indent is supplied in MLA and also APA style.

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What Is a Hanging Indent?

Also called a second line indent or reverse indent, a hanging indent is the formatting supplied for the 2nd line and subsequent lines of a quote in MLA, APA, and Chicago. In terms of what hanging indents look like, it’s 5 spaces or 1/2 customs from the left margin. Therefore, the an initial line of your citation present up through the left margin, and also every other line is indented.

You can develop hanging indents by act a hand-operated return and also hitting the space bar five times for each citation. Since that can gain really tedious, applications prefer Word or Google Docs have produced a unique indentation feature. You can access this attribute on your computer, tablet, and also even her phone. To make certain that whatever is super clear for exactly how to indent the 2nd line, images overview you with the process in Word and Google Docs.

How to produce a Hanging Indent in Microsoft Word

The easiest way to produce an station indent for an MLA functions cited list in Microsoft native on a computer or Mac is to open up a record and type out or paste your citations from a citation generator. Then, to indent a citation, you can layout each entrance by adhering to these steps.

Place her cursor in ~ the beginning of your entry and also highlight it.Right-click and choose “Paragraph.”
See the “Indents and also Spacing” tab.Select “Hanging” in the “Special” field under “Indentation.”Click, “OK.”


Indent a Citation making use of the Drop-Down food selection in Word

In enhancement to right-clicking, friend can also use the menu drop-down tab to create a second line indent because that your functions cited. For this method, follow these steps:

Place her cursor in ~ the start of your works cited entry.Click ~ above the “Home” tab.
Move to the “Paragraph” toolbar.Click ~ above the small arrow situated on the bottom right, alongside the native “Paragraph.”View the “Indents and Spacing” tab.Pick “Hanging” in the “Special Indent” field.Click, “OK.”


How to make a Hanging Indent in Google Docs

For just how to indent a citation and create a hanging indent in Google Docs, follow this steps:

Place the cursor at the start of her text, highlighting the entry or entries.
Go to the “Format” drop-down menu.Select “Align & indent.”Select “Indentation options.”
In the “Special indent” field, select “Hanging.”The default indentation amount setting is 0.5 inches.Click “Apply.”
This is how the hanging indents in your MLA functions cited list must look after using these setups to her text.


MLA Hanging Indent instances – works Cited

Once friend know how to indent a citation, hanging indents because that an MLA works cited are pretty easy to create. If your functions cited entrance is longer than two lines, store using the hanging indent for extr lines. The hanging indent is used in formatting bibliographies, referral lists, and also works cited pages to do each entry simpler to read. Remember to double-space her citation sources as well.

MLA functions Cited Examples: 

Steele, thomas J., S.J., and Rowena A. Rivera. Penitente Self-Government: Brotherhoods and also Councils, 1797 – 1947. Santa Fe: ancient City Press, 1985.

Robe, Stanley L., ed. Hispanic Folktales from new Mexico: Narratives from the R.D. Jameson Collection. Berkeley & Los Angeles: college of California Press, 1980.

Williams, Ryan and also Tudor Williams. “Too much E-Mail! A new IABC Survey says Who Is to Blame and also What We can Do about It.” Communication World, 1 Nov. 2006.


APA Hanging Indent instances – reference List

Now that you’ve looked in ~ what the hanging indent looks choose in MLA, it’s time come look in ~ some instances of APA hanging indents. The APA inverse indent is developed the same way.

Reference list Examples: 

Rainer, M. R. (Ed.). (1998). Psychology unplugged. University of California Press.

Opening up the record drawer in cross-cultural psychology. (2020, October 14). Psychology Today.


How to style a Citation v Hanging Indents

Using hanging indents in MLA style is essential when creating your, reference list, or works cited page. Psychic to usage Times new Roman 12 and to double-space her entries. Once you obtain the cave of it, creating hanging indents is easy to do.

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To create a hanging indent, you must indent the second and succeeding lines of your citation 5 spaces or 1/2 inch. You can do this by hitting "Enter" in ~ the finish of a line and including 5 spaces come your second line. Additionally, Microsoft Word and Google Docs have actually special commands to immediately format a hanging indent top top your recommendations page.

In a works cited, a hanging indent is once the 2nd and subsequent lines that a citation room indented 1/2 inch. The use of the hanging indent on the second and succeeding lines the a citation helps to differentiate where one quote ends and also another one begins.

You can create a hanging indent on a quote by pressing "Enter" in ~ the end of the line and including 5 spaces come the next line. However, Microsoft Word and Google Docs have particular tools for developing a hanging indent. In Microsoft Word, ~ highlighting the section, you choose paragraph, indents and spacing, hanging, and also indention. You climate click “OK”. In Google Docs, highlight the section then fight format, align & indent, indention options, one-of-a-kind indent, and hanging. You’ll climate click “Apply”.

In countless cases, a hanging indent is not working due to the fact that the correct commands in the word handling software were no given. Double-check the instructions come ensure girlfriend have given your word processing software the correct commands. An automatic hanging indent additionally might not occupational if girlfriend hit “Enter” to pressure your quote to the following line.

In APA style, a hanging indent is 1/2 inch included to the start of the 2nd and succeeding lines of a quote on your references page. The indentation works to break up the different citations to assist your readers check out where one ends and also another begins.