This wikiHow teaches you just how to add a dotted or dashed line almost everywhere on a Microsoft word document. You can use basic keyboard faster way to include a dotted line across the page in all desktop and mobile version of Word. If you want a line...

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Open the Word file you desire to edit. Find and double-click the paper on your computer, or open up the native app, and also select the record you want to edit. Alternatively, you deserve to open a new, empty document. You can use this keyboard shortcut in all desktop computer and mobile versions of Word.

Click wherein you want to add the dotted line. girlfriend can create a dotted, horizontal line all over on the page.

Type *** on her keyboard. This shortcut will allow you to develop a dashed line across the page. Alternatively, you deserve to use ---, ===, ___, ###, or ~~~ for different line styles.

Press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on her keyboard. This will develop a horizontal, dotted line across the page.

Open the Word file you desire to edit. Find and also double-click the paper on her computer, or open up the word app, and select the record you want to edit. Alternatively, you deserve to open a new, empty document.
Select Shapes ~ above the Insert toolbar. This button looks favor a triangle, square and also circle top top the toolbar panel. The will open a pop-up menu of shapes.
Click and draw a heat on the document. After choosing a line shape, usage your mouse to attract a heat wherever you desire on the document. after drawing, you can click and also drag the corners that the heat shape, and readjust its size, angle, or position. You can click and drag the line anywhere on the document.
Click format Shape on the right-click menu. This will open up the formatting dashboard on the right-hand side.
Click the Dash type selector ~ above the formatting panel. This will present your dot and also dash options. If you don"t see this alternative at first, click the repaint bucket icon on the top-left the the "Format Shape" panel, and click Line on this food selection to extend your options.
Select a period or dash type. This will instantly turn your line into the selected period or dash style. You can further readjust your line"s Width, Transparency, and also other properties here.
Open the Word application on her phone or tablet. The Word icon looks prefer a blue-and-white file page. You can discover it on your home display or top top the Apps tray.
Select the document you desire to edit. This will open the document. Alternatively, friend can produce a new, blank document.
Tap the "Edit" symbol at the top. It"s top top the blue toolbar in ~ the top. This will open the editing and enhancing menu in the bottom half of her screen. on iPhone/iPad, this button looks favor a white "A" and also a pencil icon on the blue toolbar. ~ above Android, friend may uncover the same icon or just a white pencil.
Tap the Home button. It"s in the upper-left edge of the toolbar menu at the bottom. This will open up your toolbar tabs.
Select the form of line you want to add. This will add the selected line to her document. girlfriend can include dots to her line later.
Drag the blue end-points that the line to change the line (optional). you can adjust the size and position of her line native the blue dots ~ above both ends of the shape. you can likewise do this after adding dots to her line.
Select a dotted style.

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This will turn the selected line right into a dotted line. You have the right to size and also position it yet you want.