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San Andreas is maybe the finest Grand Theft Auto game ever before made.

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But v the video game being so countless years old, that only herbal for football player to rotate their fist to modding – especially with all the features that we got in GTA IV and also GTA V.

So below I’ve detailed out several of the best mods the you deserve to install to do GTA san Andreas feel prefer a totally different game.

Reinvigorate her SA suffer – I’m sure you’ll love the new gameplay for hours on end!

Also if this is the very first time the you’re installation mods, permit me repeat you the it’s much better to make a back-up save of your game records first before installing anything.

Be certain to make back-up saves every time you install new mods as well, as some of them could not be completely compatible with one another and also it can corrupt her files.

And also you’ll should install CLEO if you want many of the mode on this list to work. I’ve put it at the number one point out on my list so examine it out!

30. Tuning Mod


Check the end This Mod

The Tuning mode is a an excellent modification for all automobile enthusiasts out there.

It permits you to song your cars prefer no various other mod in the community, rivaling and even surpassing the tuning device of GTA V.

Modify the means tuning works in the game and also give yourself a brand-new car when you’ve installed this mod.

29. Skin Selector


Check the end This Mod

I’m placing this mod right here instead of any skin mod because you’ll require it to change the means CJ looks.

It basically allows you open up up a menu that will allow you to browser through every one of the skin mods the you’ve installed, so friend can change the means CJ watch in-game.

28. HD Weapons


Check out This Mod

This exceptional mod pack changes the way every solitary weapon in san Andreas looks.

It replaces all of the basic models the come through the vanilla game and also turns them into the very same weapons, yet with one HD look come them all.

The UZI design looks an especially good, back all enhancements to the game are very well made.

It walk seem like making this mod took a many time, however the effort of the creator to be worth it.

The results speak on their own, and I’m certain you’ll love these new guns as much as i did. The makes everything feel new in an otherwise old game.

27. Teleport Mod


Check out This Mod

I uncover it hilarious exactly how this mod provides the Portal logo as that is own, offered that the literally works nothing prefer Portal.

It’s tho a really advantageous mod, though, together it basically adds quick travelling to the game.

Open up your map, location a marker, and once friend unpause the game CJ will straight teleport to the spot the you marked.

CJ initially screams as if he was falling, yet don’t worry – it’s just the map loading. You i will not ~ take any fall damage!

26. New Effects V1


Check the end This Mod

Are you tired of looking in ~ the same and really old impacts of mountain Andreas? i was too!

This mod changes the method water, light, fire, and interactions with other herbal objects work in the game, come make whatever look much better and modernize mountain Andreas a tad more.

You will notice how numerous of the mode on my perform are concerned the graphics of the game, and also that’s to be expected.

San Andreas is supervisor old and many world don’t play it mainly due to the fact that of that outdated graphics.

Some modders have come to create some great graphical transforms to the game, and also I desire to re-superstructure them with you. I know you’ll love castle as much as ns did.

25. Repertoire of graphic Mods


Check the end This Mod

As its name suggests, the collection of Graphic mode makes renovations to the way the game looks by changing up a bunch that textures, shadowing, and also lighting to make it look far better and a bit much more modern.

It’s a cool small overhaul the will enhance the means your san Andreas video game looks without breaking the organic aesthetics that made it together a well-known title ago in the beforehand 2000s.

24. Wheel Pack


Check the end This Mod

San Andreas is a pretty old game, so friend probably already tried all of the wheels that the video game has in the tuning stores for you.

I was worn down of looking at the very same tires too, for this reason this mod happened pretty handy because that me.

It basically adds a bunch of added tires the you can put in your cars as soon as you visit any type of of the tuning shops across the dangerous city of SA.

23. Ghost driver Mod


Check the end This Mod

Are you worn down of link an remarkable character favor Ghost Rider through Nicolas Cage?

Trust me, me too.

Something had actually to it is in done around it, and also this is the mode to completely wash your Caged Ghost Rider image by turning CJ right into the renowned Marvel anti-hero.

Ride the roadways of mountain Andreas and also wreak havoc amongst them v the outfit and powers that the mighty Ghost Rider.

You will have the ability to see the flames top top the skull and also in the tires of her mighty ride. It looks awesome personally from being a cool gameplay change, so offer it a shot and also prepare to reap some the the many hilarious cutscenes in GTA.

22. The ideal Sound load for GTA san Andreas


Check out This Mod

This mode is a complete overhaul come the sound of mountain Andreas.

It to add so many sounds that you i will not ~ even believe that the the same game if friend cover your eyes while playing it (no idea why would you perform that, but hey, to each your own).

This mod transforms the sound of explosions, cop cars, car breaks, opening doors, and also much more.

If you’re worn down of listening to the same sounds for years, this mode will provide you with a great relief that will certainly guarantee friend to remain hooked to mountain Andreas because that a tiny bit more.

21. Feet from Bullets


Check the end This Mod

I have constantly hated just how bullets seem come bounce turn off cars ~ damaging them in the old GTA games.

Yes, I even hated that ago in the days when this video game was the hottest location in the sector – i don’t understand why, yet hey, yes a factor why this look at pointless enhancement has make its way to a spot on my list.

It merely adds bullet holes to your shots, so whenever girlfriend hit a car, for example, you’ll watch the spot whereby the bullet landed. It’s pretty cool!

20. V Graphics


Check out This Mod

V Graphics, together its surname suggests, to be made v the on purpose of providing you the graphical feel of GTA V in the civilization of san Andreas.

It’s a pretty complex graphical overhaul of the game, and you’ll need a decent computer system to operation it, but it’s super precious it if you deserve to do it.

Combine this baby with a texture mod and you won’t notice a difference in visuals between San Andreas and also GTA V.

Maybe even download a mode to rotate CJ right into Franklin or Michael and readjust the means the mountain Andreas story unfolds by looking in ~ it indigenous a various perspective.

19. GTA United


Check out This Mod

GTA unified replaces the whole city of san Andreas v none various other than Liberty City and Vice City, in a complete overhaul of the video game map.

It adds new side missions to the game as well as Easter eggs that could be uncovered in the two predecessors of the famed San Andreas game.

This no a canon mode by any type of means, however it will aid you reminisce through two of the many emblematic maps that have actually graced our old TV screens and computers.

As much as san Andreas map mods go this one bring away the cake.

18. Gravity Gun


Check out This Mod

Man, this is just one of the most overpowered pistol mods the I’ve seen produced the grand Theft Auto collection in general.

You can use the heaviness gun to lug people in the direction of you and throw them earlier to wherein you’re aiming at unfathomably quick speed.

If friend love canon mods, climate you’re going come despise this one. In search of some fun, though?

Go with the story of mountain Andreas using this baby. Friend won’t remorse it – trust me.

17. Insanity Vegetation


Check the end This Mod

This beautiful mod improves every plant texture in the video game to make vegetation look as good as in some modern-day games.

But I do warn girlfriend – be certain to download other graphical improvement mods if you’re walk to install Insanity Vegetation.

If you nothing it’s simply going to look super weird watching a bunch that HD tree in one otherwise SD environment.

16. Weapon food selection Mod


Check out This Mod

The Weapon menu Mod just brings up a menu where you can pick whichever weapon you want in the game and also instantly generate it because that CJ.

It’s no cheating if you’re using a mod, am ns right?

Regardless of just how you want to use this mod, the a an extremely practical tool that will help you acquire your hands in the game’s finest as well as least wanted guns. Usage it wisely!

15. Ultimate Graphics Mod


Check the end This Mod

If your computer system isn’t capable of taking care of high-quality graphics, this is the best mod that you deserve to download when tired of the classic San Andreas look.

It improves the way texture pack in the game, and even though it go improve everything substantially, that still suited to be used in low-end computers.

I think this is possible mainly since shadows have tendency to it is in the one thing that computers struggle to handle (like Minecraft shaders, for example).

This mod adds a ton the graphical enhancements, yet keeps shadows to a really low level that quality. The makes everything look great, yet it doesn’t weaken the memory consumption of her PC. Simply what ns need.

14. Textures for GTA SA


Check the end This Mod

This sweet mod improves the method the graphics of roads and streets look in the game.

It usually adds new textures come every solitary street in mountain Andreas to do the totality gaming look at smoother, something the couldn’t be added back in the job of the release of the game since computers and also consoles can not handle greater resolutions in the video game files.

Times have changed, though. And also this is just one that the countless mods that totally enhances the video game graphically.

Combine it v others come make mountain Andreas part justice and modernize the way the game feels, at least in a visual sense!

13. Iron male Mod


Check out This Mod

So, apparently, it no Tony distinct who produced the Iron guy suit, and also it somehow made its way to the roadways of mountain Andreas.

How dangerous can be a gangster dressed increase in the most an effective body armor ever produced by mankind?

It’s as much as you to write the fate the the human being of mountain Andreas as well as the fate that your very own foes, together you’ll be able to harness your favorite Iron male powers and also use castle in san Andreas many thanks to this ridiculously well-made mod!

12. Dragon ball Mod


Check out This Mod

Why play v CJ in a world where you have the right to simply download this mod and also become Goku, or also Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans?

Press a pair of buttons after installing this fantastic mod and use your favorite Dragon Ball characters to wreak havoc through in san Andreas and also bring misfortune to the citizens of this seemingly-cursed city.

Fly around, usage ki blast to attack, and take advantage of the super-strength of these Dragon Ball characters to give your GTA mountain Andreas save a twist choose no various other mod can provide you (except possibly the Iron man or Superman mods, however you obtain my point).

11. Skateboard Mod


Check the end This Mod

Oh man, this one is yes, really well done.

The Skateboard mode will allow you to pick up a skateboard and roll approximately the highways of mountain Andreas favor Tony eagle would execute in an alternating reality whereby he’s in reality a drug dealer.

You would certainly think that making together a complex mod occupational well wouldn’t be as well easy, but the activity of CJ v this mode is so smooth the it provides you think the it’s a vanilla feature.

10. Automobile Spawner


Check the end This Mod

Ugh, don’t you males hate it as soon as you want to generate a vehicle but you must input part annoying code to activate it?

I dislike it too, and also that’s why this mod has come in together handy as they get.

It basically adds a whole brand-new menu to the game, which enables you to instantly select a car and spawn it by just hitting one button. Nice simple, right?

It’s good if you looking to generate yourself part sweet rides and also just gain the video game for a bit!

9. Street Love


Check out This Mod

Alright, let’s acquire this one out of the way, as it absolutely needs to have a clues on this list.

Let’s cut the explanation right to the suggest as well: Street Love is a lovey-dovey making mod for GTA san Andreas.

Yes, you’ll have the ability to use CJ (or with your friendly neighbor Spiderman, if you have actually the mode installed) and also screw approximately with digital chicks.

8. Superman Mod


Check the end This Mod

CJ go know just how to take bullets prefer Superman in the original game, together he could’ve acquired shot 10 times and just right flinch.

However the Superman mod allows you to take things to the following level and also actually become Superman in her game!

Fly around, use your super strength, and murder civilians as it would occur in a dark DC alternate universe.

7. Automobile Pack for mountain Andreas


Check the end This Mod

San Andreas has been about for much too long, and I nothing know around you, however I’m sick of see the very same cars over and over again.

There space some vehicle mods that you have the right to download, which will certainly install them directly into the game. However you may also use this fill to get a bunch the them added instantly to your san Andreas safe.

Gone room the days of seeing the exact same cars pass time and also time again – it’s time to spice up your game with a plethora of brand-new rides!

6. Parkour Mod


Check the end This Mod

The terrific Parkour Mod allows CJ to execute true acrobatic moves without acquiring interrupted in the air.

Combine the essence of Assassin’s Creed v San Andreas and experience being a true gangster while also knowing a thing or two about street athleticism choose it no originally possible in the game.

It really does spice increase the game, and it’s actually hilarious see CJ perform numerous of these unexpected moves!

5. Portal Gun because that GTA mountain Andreas


Check the end This Mod

The Teleport mod that we mentioned over is cool and all, however why not bring the significance of GLaDOS to GTA san Andreas if you have actually the chance?

Sure, this mod will not take you from one edge of san Andreas to the other, but it will enable you to develop portals, much as you execute in the Portal games!

This mod is great to be set up if you love the famous puzzle-solvers, and also it does enrich your mountain Andreas experience favor no various other mod ~ above this list.

4. Memory upgrade for san Andreas


Check the end This Mod

San Andreas to be made to be operation in old computers and the PS2 and also the Xbox, which meant that the game was very restricted in state of how much memory it was allowed to use.

This mode updates the core GTA mountain Andreas mechanics and makes the video game work with all of the strength that modern-day computer has. Which enables your game to pack much an ext of the map, raising your viewing distance by almost as much as GTA V allows you to have.

Definitely precious trying in my opinion.

3. GTA V Hud for san Andreas


Check out This Mod

Weapon swapping in the early GTA games was a nightmare. There’s just no other means around it.

Gone space the days wherein you scroll past the weapon that you actually want to select, though!

This mod brings you the ultimate endure of the renowned wheel weapon selector the was presented in the PS3 and also Xbox 360, and I’m therefore bringing it come you now.

2. Mountain Andreas an initial Person Mod


Check the end This Mod

Rockstar allowed first-person gameplay when GTA V obtained its current-gen console release, but San Andreas never ever really had it and people were still playing the game, i m sorry is no really fair to them.

Some of this mods can even look much better if you were to pat in very first person, don’t you think?

I carry out too, and also that’s why this mode takes together a high spot on my list.

It basically permits you come play mountain Andreas like never ever before, so you have the right to see exactly how CJ truly feels across the story.

You’ll likewise be able come play about as Iron guy or Spiderman in very first person, to be you to download the particular mods that allow you to carry out so, however bear in mind that this mode was make to work with vanilla SA.

1. CLEO 4


Check the end This Mod

The CLEO 4 mod takes the very first spot on my list due to the fact that it basically permits most the the mods the I’ve mentioned before, every at once.

It unlocks many features that the game didn’t originally come with and permits modders to alter details features of the game that weren’t meant to be changed in the initial release.

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The initial version that this mod permitted most modders to job-related with brand-new tools, and fully overhaul mountain Andreas with new ideas of your own.

The revolutionary nature the this wonderful add-on rightfully earns that the very first place top top the list. And also you will probably need the if friend want many of the rather to occupational so it’s practically like the framework of all mountain Andreas modding.