You’re the end on the open up road as soon as your fuel pump all of sudden stops working. You need to gain home, however you don’t have jumper cables and also there’s no gas terminal in sight. What do you do? The price is simple: jump a fuel pump relay ~ above a Chevy truck! here are step-by-step accuse for just how to perform this quick and easy task.

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How To run Fuel Pump Relay on Chevy Truck

Locate the fuel pump relay. The an initial step is to locate the fuel pump relay in your Chevy truck’s engine bay, which should be fairly easy if you recognize where the is located on your specific vehicle. It will generally be close to either a battery terminal or a fuse box and also labeled “fuel” or “pump.” Double-check the this location and also label enhance those of your details model prior to proceeding with any type of further steps.

Disconnect an adverse cable indigenous battery terminal(s). After ~ locating the ideal fuel pump relay in your Chevy van engine bay, disconnect its an adverse (ground) cable from whichever surrounding car battery terminals room convenient because that you in ~ that moment – commonly one that them would certainly suffice yet feel cost-free to disconnect from both if you want.

Connect hopeful cable native jumper cables to battery terminal(s). The next step is to affix the other finish of your jumper cables – the one that will actually execute the job-to a nearby car battery terminal or, again, whichever ones room convenient for you in ~ this moment in time. Simply make sure they enhance whichever terminals were disconnected in step Two and also don’t touch any kind of metal surface while doing so!

Start van engine. Currently that every little thing has been associated properly, start up your Chevy truck and let it idle for 15 seconds; then rotate off the ignition switch before removing every one of your connections (only reconnecting those which had actually been initially removed) with some caution.

Check because that fuel gauge light change to green. When you have actually removed every connections and also switched her Chevy truck’s ignition off, check its dashboard fuel gauge; if it has changed from red come yellow or green then congratulations! You’ve properly jump-started the car (pending there are no other problems). If not, reconnect everything in turning back order prior to trying again until this step undoubtedly works – nothing worry about getting also frustrated because of how basic this process is!

What tools room you walk to need for this job? 

You’re going to need a replacement fuel pump relay for your Chevy Truck and tools such together an extension, ratchet set, and an open end wrench.

If you space unfamiliar with how to run a fuel pump relay using jumper cables however would like an ext information ~ above the subject before taking these actions then we recommend consulting her vehicle’s owner hand-operated or calling a default technician. For an ext information about this subject please view our blog article How perform you recognize when to adjust out her Chevy van Fuel Pump Relay?

What space the symptom of a bad fuel pump relay? 

A poor fuel pump relay can reason your auto to dice as shortly as the engine is turn on or it may take a minute for this process.

The gas gauge will certainly not work and also there will certainly be no spark as soon as trying to start the car, regardless of even if it is you have actually jumper cables comfortable or not. If these space happening then us recommend jumping over to ours blog post around How to jump a Fuel Pump Relay top top a Chevy van for much more information!

How perform you recognize when to change a fuel pump relay?

A great rule of ignorance is to change a fuel pump relay every time you readjust your battery, as they regularly go negative at the exact same time.

If the difficulty persists after instead of both parts then other else might be wrong and we recommend calling an professional for help! Want an ext information on how to jump over this hurdle? examine out our blog post How to jump a Fuel Pump Relay ~ above a Chevy van for all the details!


This short article provides info on just how to change a fuel pump relay top top a Chevrolet pickup truck however covers only one specific kind of model and should no be thought about an exhaustive list through every feasible detail. For an ext information, please consult your owner’s manual or speak to a default technician.

5 Tips because that jumping the fuel pump relay on your Chevrolet Truck

Always make certain to check out the owner’s manual of your Chevy truck in order to discover out wherein jumper cables deserve to be plugged into without walking under the hood. This varies for each kind and model, so it would aid if girlfriend knew specifically what kind you have before doing something else!It might not always be important to change the whole fuel pump relay, for this reason be certain to examine the terminals and wires for any kind of signs the damage before proceeding. This deserve to also help save time if you in a hurry!Keep all components of her Chevy van in a safe location where they won’t obtain lost or forgotten as soon as putting it earlier together again after gift repaired!Be certain to tighten the water tap clamp once finished and also use a brand-new one if it’s to be removed!Lastly, be mindful not to damage any wires or other components while jumping your Chevy Truck. Some models require you to disconnect certain things in order for this procedure to work with ease– for this reason make sure you recognize what demands disconnected beforehand!


Do not connect the hopeful and negative cables come the same terminal. This could result in a short circuit, which is both dangerous and can cause considerable damages to your vehicle’s electric system.

If she not sure what come do, you re welcome consult her owner’s hand-operated or call a default technician.Do not touch any metal surface while performing this steps.Be careful when reconnecting every connections and check because that fuel gauge light change before steering away! If that does no work, reconnect every little thing in turning back order then shot again till this step indeed works through patience; don’t worry around getting too frustrated due to the fact that of how an easy this process is!Do not usage jumper cables to jump a fuel pump relay from one car to another; this process should just be provided for in the interim jumping the truck’s very own battery.When disconnecting both batteries, make certain you connect them appropriately in step Two before starting up your Chevy truck and also letting it idle therefore as no to risk short circuiting them!Never connect any kind of of the jumper cables to steel surfaces! Doing so could reason a spark, which can lead come an explosion.


A fuel pump relay is a machine that controls the circulation of electric existing to and also from the automobile’s electrical system. This includes the ignition, battery charging, lights, strength seats and also air conditioning. Thus it dram an integral component in safety features like anti-lock brakes which room designed therefore that as soon as they sense wheel slip or spinning too fast as well as engine misfires for instance -they stop all electrical energy from flowing into those contents until things room fixed; without this function cars would not be able to operate properly!When her Chevy truck won’t start due to a faulty fuel pump relay (or any type of other component), you will should replace it by following these easy steps: step One should read “Locate the fuse box in her Chevy van engine bay” and Step Two have to involve disconnecting both hopeful (12v) and an adverse (ground) terminals from it prior to connecting them dong to any adjacent car batteries; then revolve on one of those two cars’ ignition switches because that 15 seconds while switching turn off the other before removing all connections as described above.

Typically, the fuel pump relay is situated within 15-20 feet of her Chevy van engine bay. To recognize it in person, usage a flashlight and look for the following:A small enclosure that residences an electrical component (usually black or irradiate brown) with one cable coming out from each side; this machine should be placed near any kind of gas tank filler hose openings and also on top of batteries so you understand where to uncover it as soon as needed! If friend can’t situate yours, you re welcome consult your owner’s manual or contact a default technician.If you’re not familiar with how to run fuel pump relay using jumper cables however would like more information on the subject prior to taking these steps, us recommend consulting your automobile owner’s manual or phone call a default technician.

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A battery can be a major expense, but if you’re obtaining an OEM part instead of some no-name knockoff then there’s naught to worry about! This is due to the fact that when other is manufactured with the will to replace another product (which in this situation would be her Chevy Truck) it automatically has all the vital parts and also quality control measures put right into place.-This method that not just will you have peace of mind learning that your brand-new battery or starter i will not ~ fail again quickly after installation but also know the they are covered through warranty have to anything go wrong. The exact same cannot be said for cheap imitation products which space sure to disappointed time and also time again; so conserve yourself from any type of unnecessary headaches under the line and also get what was intended because that your auto in the very first place!

This particular repair go not require that the automobile be ~ above or off.However, a an excellent rule of thumb is to take it it for a turn after you replace your fuel pump relay in stimulate to make sure everything was excellent correctly! If you interested in learning an ext about just how this procedure works then check out ours blog write-up How carry out you recognize when to change out your Chevy truck’s Fuel Pump Relay? If she not familiar with exactly how to run fuel pump relay using jumper cables but would like an ext information on the subject prior to taking these actions we recommend consulting your auto owner’s hand-operated or calling a standard technician. There are many different species of cars and also trucks so you re welcome refer earlier here once again if extr help is needed.