So yes in ready for 2.5, I simply wanted to discover out everyone's most efficient methods for levelling up the miscellaneous forms. I likewise want to find out if mine are amongst the most efficient or if I must pick somewhere else.

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Valor: Equip the Sweet storage keyblade and verse the heartless in the room prior to the royal Throne Room in floor of Dragons. The attack riders take several hits and I can gain them and get back to the savepoint, get out and get earlier in again with complete drive bars.

Wisdom: I'd basically go earlier and forwards throw the an excellent Maw in Radiant Garden and defeat the weaker heartless there.

Master: Again defeat the attack Riders in land of Dragons as they drop a huge amount the orbs

Final: loss the groups of Nobodies external Yen Sid's Tower and also then get earlier to save point etc etc

Summon: cannot remember in the slightest

Limit: ??????????????

So yeah anyway what are your best methods? What need to I use, or must I simply stick through mine.

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With every forms, it's ideal to fight adversaries in locations next to save points so that you have the right to leave the world and also come back before running out of your form time. This way, the drive gauge resets once you reenter the world. I'm also going to i think you room grinding for type levels in ~ the end of the game, so the you have all these areas unlocked.

Valor type just by fighting enemies, preferably at high levels so i get an ext hits out on them. Ns personally leveled mine up simply by fighting enemies in the very same area that ns fought adversaries to level up mine previous form, because I typically leveled up Valor right after acquiring a new kind anyway. However, if I had to choose one area, I would certainly say usage the same areas I mention for Final type below.

Wisdom type by going to lower-level worlds and using magic come clear the end heartless quickly. I found that the hallway beside Beast's room in Beast's Castle operated well.

Master form by going to Christmas town in Halloween Town and also using thunder around the Merry-Go-Round, because a lot of of opponents that drop journey orbs spawn approximately it. This is also a an excellent spot since it is right between two areas with save points.

Final form in the hall of north Melodies and Naught's Skyway at The world That never Was. A lot of adversaries spawn here, and you have the right to use the save allude at Twilight's see to leaving the world and come back.

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If you're playing last Mix, you deserve to level increase Limit kind just by using your limit abilities and reaching one's finisher, i m sorry you deserve to really do anywhere and also will most likely obtain done top top its own. However, the best way to execute this if you're level grind for the is to walk to any kind of of the previous areas I mentioned, or all over you uncover with a decent amount of opponents next to a save point. The higher the level, the better, due to the fact that you should reach the finisher, and also you can only use the reaction regulates to proceed the border combo if over there is an opponent to execute it against. I choose to usage the same places I pointed out for Final form to level this up. Also, it's best to use Strike Raid and also Sonic Blade for this, due to the fact that they consume less MP 보다 Ars Arcanum and Ragnarok.