Here is what you should make Water Breathing medicine in Minecraft. Below is just how to breath underwater in Minecraft.

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By Titus D"souza top top Jun 11, 2021

Making Water Breathing medicine in Minecraft enables you to breath under water. The is a safe way to discover the beautiful underwater world in Minecraft. This potion has actually several varieties, with every one of them helping you come safely walk underwater, damage underwater monuments, fight with water creatures. The potions additionally let girlfriend mine underwater. In today’s guide, us dive into the actions you should take to develop your very own Water breath Potion.

Water Breathing potion Crafting Recipe

1 x Water Bottle3 x Cobblestones1 x Nether Wart2 x Blaze Rod1 x Puffer Fish1 x Redstone (only optional)

You can craft a imminent Station by using one of the Blaze Rods and three Cobblestones.

How to do Water breath Potion

Once you’ve successfully created your unavoidable station, you deserve to now continue to create Water breathing Potion. Begin by using the continuing to be Blaze Rods to develop Blaze Powder. Once ready, move to the impending Station and follow the accuse below:

Open the impending Station.In the impending Station, you will find a box towards the left. Add the Blaze powder to this box. Law so will certainly activate the brewing procedure and get everything started.In the brewing Station menu, add a Water party to any one the the 3 boxes located at the bottom. (Filling every of the three boxes in ~ the bottom will result in lot of potions being created)


include the Nether Wart come the box located on the top and then wait because that the brewing process to complete. You will now have something well-known as one Awkward Potion.


To revolve the azer Potion into the Water breathing Potion, add a Puffer Fish in the peak box and wait till the brewing procedure is complete.


As secondary option, girlfriend can also choose to add a Redstone to acquire a longer-lasting Water breath Potion.

Upon completion of this steps, you’ll efficiently receive a Water breathing Potion. This potion will allow you to temporarily discover the underwater human being in Minecraft without having actually to worry around drowning or having actually to consistently surface come breathe.

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