In this Instructable I will be to teach you just how to develop a working replica the the hidden Blade native the Assassin"s Creed video clip game series. Don"t be intimidated by the variety of steps involved, this is a fun project that have to only take it you a couple of days in her workshop and should only price you about 30 or 40 dollars. My design Goals for this Project:

I wanted the hidden Blade to it is in functional, (to either extend or retract by relocating my hand or wrist). I wanted it to look together nice as possible and as real as possible. I want it come be straightforward to build. i didn"t want it to need a the majority of special components or tools.

The process of making the surprise Blade can be damaged down into two main parts:

building the blade system (Steps 2-6) make the leather Bracer (Steps 7-13)

Materials:Hidden blade Mechanism materials List:

16” drawer Slide – This will certainly be what stop the blade and permits it come extend and retract. You deserve to purchase this from home development stores favor Lowes or home Depot for around $6. It is vital that friend get exact same one that I provided otherwise the measurements won"t work out properly. Study the included photo for product details. Replica blade – I offered a replica WWII dagger for this. The dimensions of the blade are 10.5"long, 3/4" in broad at the widest point, and also 1/8" in thickness. These measurements, particularly the 1/8" thickness, space important since there is not a many clearance between the relocating parts that the hidden blade so be all set to carry out some paper work to make things fit. To get the blade, dismantle the dagger and discard the handle, pommel, and also cross safety components. The tongue I supplied came an extremely dull v smooth rounded edges, if her is sharp or pointy I very advise the you sand away the edge so the they are nice and dull, this will certainly make it much safer to use and may save you out of trouble. Cost $12, purchase at local flea market. Small Coil feather – This spring will be what retracts the blade when it is extended. It requirements to have really light pull strength and should be 3 to 4 inches in length and approximately 1/4" in diameter. I purchased mine native Lowes home improvement store as part of a variety pack that springs for approximately 3 dollars. Flat feather – This will hold the tongue in place when it is extended. You can make this component the end of an hacksaw blade, simply reduced off a three inch piece of the blade and also grind away the teeth. Assorted small nuts, bolts, and washers – The dimension of the nuts, bolts, and also washers doesn"t yes, really matter, anything roughly 1/8” will do fine. You’ll just need to drill her holes based upon the dimension of bolts you are using. Small pond – These will be cut and turned right into rivets to attch the blade lock in step 5. Rubber Washer – as soon as the blade retracts the retracts through a most force, this will certainly be used to dampen that force i.e. Shock absorber. You deserve to purchase rubber washers in various shapes and sizes at hardware stores, you carry out not require to have actually the precise one pictured, simply something similar.

Leather Bracer products List:

2 square feet that 5 or 6 oz. Leather – This can be purchased at leather providers such together Tandy Leather, yet you can likewise use animal leather from an old suitcase or coat to reduced down ~ above cost. Leather Dye – because that coloring and finishing your leather, if you use repurposed leather from an old suitcase or coat you won’t require this. Button Snaps – These have the right to be purchased indigenous retailers such as Tandy animal leather or Michaels Crafts. Rapid Rivets – this are supplied to affix the blade system to the bracer. They deserve to be purchased from Tandy animal leather or Michaels Crafts. Ring – choose something the fits one of two people your middle or ring finger. String/Cord – pick something strong but light, dragon string or the inner strands that paracord work an extremely well. You will do it need around 1 foot the this.


Dremel Tool and also Metal cut Disks – girlfriend will usage these because that cutting and modifying the draw slide parts. If you don"t have accessibility to a Dremel, friend can also use a steel hacksaw because that the cuts. Files and Sand paper – because that removing sharp edges left by Dremel cutting disks. Drill and also Drill Bits – You deserve to use a hand organized drill or a drill press, both work well. Wire Cutters – for cutting her spring to readjust its strength. Screw chauffeurs – installing screws. Metal facility Punch - For marking where you are going to drill holes on the drawer slide and also blade. Hammer – for peening under rivets. Xacto Knife/Utility Knife – because that cutting her Leather. Paper or Poster Board – For developing patterns for her bracer. Leather Working device (Beveler) - This device is provided to produce the Assassin"s Creed symbol and also designs ~ above the leather bracer. The one I offered is recognized as a B60 Craftool Beveler Stamp and also is accessible from Tandy animal leather for around 8 dollars. Awl/Drill/Leather feet Punch – Some way of putting holes in leather. Ruler – developing patterns. Pencil – marking patterns ~ above leather. Permanent Marker - for making patterns and also cut lines. Safety Glasses - always wear eye protection as soon as drilling and cutting the metal parts the this project.

Disclaimer: please use usual sense as soon as making and wearing this prop. If you have any kind of concerns around the blade product feel cost-free to change the stole blade with a wood or acrylic analog.

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If you"re plan to tackle this job then you many likely currently have every the skills necessary to make whatever alters you deem essential to make this prop perfect for your particular situation and needs. Be safe and also be smart!