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Updated Nov. 2015

NOTE: Don’t forget to examine out our short article on Cocaine -How execute You take Yours? This looks at the ways in which we take ours coke, talks to the peeps involved and gives some helpful harm reduction tips for users.

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This information has actually been accumulated from using in-depth research digital (from the ideal users/cooks) from our crews very own experiences, and some brilliant publications -or rather one brilliant book -The Cocaine Handbook -from Dave Lee (avail in reprint ns believe).

Now that wouldn’t be right to begin this post without saying the The Cocaine Clean-Up is important a double-edged sword; In our black color market civilization of horrid adulterants and also ‘God to know what the fuck’ is in our street cocaine this days -it is a really an excellent thing to have the ability to do something to take the control earlier into your own hands and do something come clean up your cocaine native the adulterants in it. And also true, while us cannot remove them all, even via freebasing the old school means (levisomole, the livestock de-wormer is believed to survive that process!), it considerably makes for a far better tasting product -in the you will feel MUCH much less wired, speedy, agitated etc and also will quickly realise the the cleaned up product is a very different drug from the street stuff. But, as soon as there is a good thing -there’s a shitty thing approximately the edge -in this case -the significant craving after one pipeline of base, is waaaay much more than lines or also injecting…You need to really take into consideration things hard before embarking down this roadway -yes clean up your product if you are a continual user -but put down part strict rule at the start -ie never ever use your cash map a second time (take out enough cash the you can afford -and score as soon as -hand end the card to your companion or leave it at the office etc). Don’t keep using after midnight. Only use after you have eaten and slept and only top top a Friday nite, etc. These type of rigid rules can assist from the gain go. Save to them. There is nothing more desperate, frighteningly outa control and also upsetting than someone you love, or yourself, who has lost that on the rocks. The scale of loss deserve to be mindblowing. You have been warned! Don’t embark on this as soon as you have actually nothing rather to perform -otherwise this will quickly be the just thing you desire to do. Okay, to the text…

How To do Crack

And how To do Freebase Cocaine

This 1st piece (not from ours mag) come from David Lee’s bible – The Cocaine Handbook. At least you’ll understand what’s in the eh?


Procedures for both building material (crack and also freebase cocaine) are based on the reality that if cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) requires a high temperature come ignite, base cocaine requires a much reduced temperature to ignite. This makes it right for smoking.

These methods are based on an individual experience and also information discovered in an out of print publication called the cocaine handbook, by David Lee. A truly fantastic book, and also a must-have for any type of coke user. Refs in ~ the end of this article.

How To make Crack (common street method)

This is the most usual method, but pretty turbulent to it is in honest and also not the best way to get the finest product.

Get a spoon and mix 2 -3 components of cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) to 1 component baking soda in 20 ml that water. (Some speak 3-1, rather say 2-1: best to start smaller and include a bit more if needed)

Heat solution gently (with a lighter) until white precipitates form, and stop heating as soon as precipitation stops.

After tenderness heating, the freebase cocaine will float to the top, any kind of excess soda will settle on the bottom.

Just collect the compound that rises come the top, and also you have actually the finished product, that is prepared to use.

Note that what you’re make the efforts to do is start and sustain a chemistry reaction (bonding the hydrochloride through the base-soda) therefore as lengthy as the reaction is happening friend don’t have actually to continue heating.


Dig this dudes cracked pipe! What you can’t see too well is the rubber tube pushed into the end of the glass pipe, which then trails about a foot or maybe also 45 cm or so, into the dudes mouth. Ns reckon this would work-related well, creating a low warm burn and also burning the crack nice and also slow and also low temperatures, which is the recommended way. No one of this WHOOSH! and its all gone up in one lungful that smoke. It have to be sipped, shall we say, favor the cheap wine the she is. Yet apart indigenous Whitney Houston’s 8 balls wrapped up in a three joint, every wrapped tightly in a…now whats the name of those cigar documents that huge ass smokers roll their weed in??? Is it a bomb? Memory has actually escaped me, funny that. (gee, his thumb has seen some far better days, lighting pipes till the sunlight goes down in Texas…

How To make Crack (uncommon method)

I’ve never seen anyone try this method. You make crack as explained above, then to wash it with water and allow to dry for a day. Its for the connoisseur no doubt, but the patient sort…

Mix 2 components of cocaine hydrochloride to 1 part baking soda in 20 ml that water -or sufficient water to do a thickish dough -pancake style. Warmth solution an extremely gently till white precipitates form; This is finest done by placing a glass pyrex bowl (with the crack paste inside it) gently inserted into a saucepan the simmering water; the will warm your cracked gently without cooking it and degrading her product. Save stirring adding drops of water if needed. Turn your knife (copper penny, or stole knife tip) over and also over together it begins to collection a cracky blob. Avoid heating once precipitation stops.

Collect the freebase cocaine the floats come the top.

Ideally, you should wash this cracked freebase once with water (this procedure generally omitted in the street product).

Dry 24 hours under a warmth lamp. Voila (this procedure commonly omitted in the street product by the impatient!).

How To make Freebase Cocaine -Old institution Way

These days, and also after a many of crashes ala Richard Pryor, ether is not really recommended together a method to encourage in cooks. It is thought that simply using acetone is the all at once safest an approach which has the best result. Ammonia is likewise used -however you have to be patient and prepared because that both of these things to thoroughly dry -48hours dried -before smoking -or you will certainly be damaging your lungs.

For details sake – below is the Old institution Ether way.

Crack cocaine is less pure than utilizing ether to do freebase cocaine (there is several baking soda left), however the procedure is safer. Ammonia shows up to do real damage to the lungs, particularly because the coke is frequently not dried properly prior to it is smoked, hence one inhales ammonia fumes.

Mix around 1 g that coke in 10 ml the water in a tiny vial. Slowly add drops the ammonia come the solution. A white milky precipitate will form. Stop including ammonia when additional drops no longer an outcome in precipitation.

Add 5 ml that ethyl ether, nearby vial, and shake. The precipitate (freebase) will certainly dissolve in the ether. Siphon turn off the ether through a pipette (ether and also water don’t mix), and also slowly drip it on a plate.

As the ether evaporates, white crystals will form. This is the evil freebase. Like the crystals and also put under a warm lamp because that at least 24 hrs come let the solvent evaporate.


This is just how Richard Pryor virtually died. A many untrained civilization killed themselves doing the procedure, and this is why cracked is now an ext popular.

What does This Accomplish?

By act something like among the techniques above, the resulting freebase cocaine is straightforward to smoke, it calls for a reduced temperature come ignite than nonfreebase cocaine.

If one to be to acting cocaine as is, there would certainly be too lot waste. Some human being do smoke cocaine as is, yet it is much much more efficient come freebase or make crack.


You feel good when girlfriend inhale cracked or freebase cocaine, but start to come down quickly after exhaling. When you start, it’s super hard to put the pipe down.

Never inject crack or freebase cocaine, the can reason a heart assault or stroke. Both of i m sorry will probably kill you.

Note – utilizing baking soda to cost-free the cocaine basic from cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) results in a substance world call crack.

Crack is a much less pure type of freebase cocaine than making use of ammonia and also ether and also gets its name from the crackling sound that makes once smoked.

Using ammonia (and ether) to complimentary the cocaine base from cocaine hydrochloride (regular cocaine) outcomes in a substance people call freebase cocaine.

This form of releasing the basic is more time consuming and also dangerous than making crack, yet the result is an ext pure, and also can give a bigger yield 보다 converting the exact same amount of cocaine to cracked would.

While both develops of the drug can be dubbed freebase cocaine, just using the baking soda method results in a product that have the right to be referred to as crack. See how cocaine is produced a better understanding of how cocaine chin is produced.

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Cocaine research – virtually one in five whites could lug a genetic variant the substantially boosts their odds the being prone to severe cocaine abuse, follow to brand-new research. (dec 2010)

Using Ammonia to totally free the Base

Written through the famed Le Junk native Bluelight, thanks, dude!

The correct method for making 100% pure freebase cocaine is come dissolve 1 gram the adulterated cocaine in 40 ml.s of water in either a huge glass beaker or glass mason jar. Whatever you decide on, just make certain it’s glass.

If any remains undissolved, it’s not cocaine, for this reason we require to acquire it the end of there prior to wasting any kind of time on that crap. Therefore, if any does remain undissolved, simply filter it right into a different glass container via a traditional round coffee filter and also plastic funnel. Once every one of the liquid has actually drained thru, include 20 much more ml.s that water thru the very same filter to gather any type of cocaine water 보다 may have actually permeated the filter paper. Our final objective is to have actually a full of 60 ml.s of water every every one gram that cocaine. In various other words, if all of your original cocaine dissolved totally in the initial 40 ml.s, then simply add 20 more ml.s of new water to that and also move on……..

In a different beaker or shot glass, include 20 ml.s the 10% ammonia (Ace Hardware brand) come 20 ml.s of distilled water. Row thoroughly. Your ammonia have to be unscented and contain for sure nothing yet ammonia and also water. It’s extremely challenging to find, and the only place I might find it to be Ace Hardware. I understand this since I very first looked at house Depot, Menards, Lowes, all grocery store stores and also pharmacies. I’m simply saving you the trouble, so go to Ace Hardware. The tall slim white bottle will say, “Ammonia 10%”. -or 5-10% -containing no perfumes or surfactants and it have to be clear. That’s the one you’ll be needing……

Now this next part is exceptionally IMPORTANT! utilizing a glass eye dropper, slowly add exactly 1 ml. The the ammonia solution to the dissolved cocaine water. A cloudy shining white precipitate will form with each and also every drop. In between each 1 ml. Added, stir for 2-3 minutes each time. Now, there’s a huge reason for doing it this slowly, for this reason don’t just go and precipitate all of the freebase the end in one large shot, okay? v each 1 ml. Of the ammonia soln., stir because that 2-3 minutes each time, preferably v a glass stir pole or much better still, a copper rod. Shot extremely difficult to no touch any component of the glass container with the stir rod while stirring.The factor for switching containers is that as soon as the really cocaine freebase beginning forming, friend don’t want it probably tainted by anything that formed previously that wasn’t cocaine freebase. That is why it’s also extremely essential you execute not ever touch the edges of the glass if the goo is forming. As soon as you accidentally cost-free up any of the goo, it will certainly not reattach itself to the glass, thus ultimately ending up in your actual cocaine freebase. So simply don’t touch the glass through the row rod, okay?

After about 4-5 ml.s and also 2-3 minutes between each ml. Added, really nasty and unpleasant spring goo will begin to form on her stir rod. This is not cocaine freebase, but instead among the easier forming bases prefer amphetamine etc. There will be 2 various substances that form during this whole process. One will be the yellowish goo that creates first. The goo is not cocaine and also should it is in ignored. The second substance that creates will it is in the actual cocaine base. It’s bleached white in appearance and also is heavy flakes to rocks.

Remember: the initial goo the sticks come the copper stick is rubbish/junk. The next thing to form on the copper will certainly be the bleach white freebase. Native that allude on, something that creates in the water will certainly be freebase and that may or may not stick to the rod. Regardless, as soon as the freebase starts come form, it’s every freebase native that point on till no more precipitate forms from the enhancement of ammonia.

Continue slowly including the 1 ml. That ammonia soln. And keep check the row rod ~ the 3-minute stirring period. The goo will continue to prosper on the stir pole as all of the various other freebases other than cocaine proceed to precipitate out first. After ~ awhile, you’ll ultimately start seeing the last base, cocaine, start developing on the row rod as a bleach white, rock difficult substance.

So, to reiterate; currently you have continued slowly adding the ammonia until the goo has fully stopped forming and also the white base starts forming. It’s in ~ that point you switch glass beakers. You have the right to discard any kind of oily goo in the an initial beaker. Make certain you wipe off any kind of goo that created on the stir rod before freebase forming, though.

Pour the contents of the manufacturer straight into a second beaker; no coffee filter is essential for the 2nd pour, yet you will need a 3rd beaker ready and also waiting, through the coffee filter primed to record anything native the top.

Once this happens, – the entire components of the water/cocaine mixture having actually been poured into a 2nd fresh glass beaker or mason jar, ideally without using a filter yet, since all the is left to form now will certainly be the last and final base, cocaine! You need to proceed slowly adding the ammonia drip by drip to the new beaker, stirring without touching the sides or bottom, until no an ext precipitate forms from the addition of any brand-new ammonia. If you add any added ammonia past the allude of brand-new precipitate forming, it will certainly decompose your actual base.

You’ll pour every little thing through a coffee filter into the 3rd fresh beaker. Now clean turn off the goo from the stir rod containing every the various other bases, or junk, and also make certain it’s clean for the last and also final stage of the process.Using the 3rd beaker, having poured the contents of beaker 2 v the coffee filtered beaker 3, continue including the ammonia solution, drip by drip to the cocaine/water mixture until no an ext white precipitate develops with the enhancement of an ext ammonia soln. Once all of the 100% pure cocaine freebase is fully done precipitating, pour the components into a filter and also let drain thoroughly. One drained, open up the filter and pour the freebase into a glass beaker v a small amount (20 ml.s per gram) of level fresh water in it. Stir fully to totally rinse off every one of the ammonia soln. And then as soon as again pour right into a filter. When drained and while tho in the filter, to water a little more fresh water end the currently pure cocaine freebase to wash away any final traces the ammonia.

Remove the filter file containing the pure cocaine freebase and place the filter document still include the freebase inside between a few paper towels, press firmly ~ above the clump portion to absorb any additional moisture and also then while tho in the filter paper, blow dry till dry come the touch. Carefully open over a ceramic plate and also let every one of the freebase fall out onto it. Let wait dry for as lengthy as the takes come become completely dry (especially if your planning on reconverting it back to 100% pure cocaine hydrochloride). This can be as lengthy as overnight.

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Make certain you sweet your adulterated coke beforehand, and also then when again after the pure freebase dries. Perform your calculation to determine the exact purity that the crap friend were originally sold. Contact your dealer and also tell him come fuck off the it’s only 26%, and also then discover a new dealer.