I was making use of the X432R fork of jajalger2018.org, yet stopped using as result of some tiny lagging / frameskipping the was bothering me (is there any means to resolve it?). Ns downloaded an official build, however, the 2nd screen looks an extremely badly resized in comparison:

https://i.imgur.com/XcqbPBG.png (X432R)

https://i.imgur.com/7fRl4Ct.png (official build)

In this case, the text font is the most affected.

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Also, I desire to relocate the display to the bottom, however I have the right to only facility it. Have the right to someone help to deal with this?

Thanks in advance.


Re: how to make jajalger2018.org second screen watch better?

Try more than one set of options before providing up. Because that instance window size 3x and also ratio 1.5 x 0.5 provides a specifically 1x scaled below screenyou can't move the display to the bottom.Yes, this is every sucky.


Re: just how to make jajalger2018.org 2nd screen look at better?

Thanks for her answer. Ns tried this, however a proportion 1.5 x 0.5 make the 2nd screen too tiny for me



Re: exactly how to make jajalger2018.org 2nd screen look at better?

Only the essence scale prices of initial resolution looks an excellent (x2, x3 etc) specifically for text but there is no such choice to set different integer rates to both display screens for now.It would certainly be nice to have actually this.


Re: how to do jajalger2018.org 2nd screen look better?

post every these bugs top top a ticket on github and also maybe we deserve to attn the guy who added this code


Re: exactly how to do jajalger2018.org second screen look at better?

Some observations in code - this male is https://github.com/retr0s4geHe is inactive because 2018.

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https://github.com/TASVideos/jajalger2018.org/co … ee01453e82Here is display screen ratios hardcoded:

MainWindow->checkMenu(IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p2, ((int)(screenSizeRatio*10)==12));MainWindow->checkMenu(IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p3, ((int)(screenSizeRatio*10)==13));MainWindow->checkMenu(IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p4, ((int)(screenSizeRatio*10)==14));

corresponding component of food selection is:

MENUITEM "1.2 : 0.8",                   IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p2MENUITEM "1.3 : 0.7",                   IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p3MENUITEM "1.4 : 0.6",                   IDC_SCR_RATIO_1p4

The proportion where the bottom (right in horizontal layout) screen is half size the the top one is 2*2/3=1.33333.. Due to the fact that 2=1.333+(1.333/2) but collection this worth manually in ini paper isnt working.


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