Sweet tea the rivals the restaurant’s in ~ home? you bet! simply a few simple ingredients will certainly make this McDonald’s copycat sweet tea recipe!

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Warmer weather is here and also if you live in the South…that means: sweet tea weather! among my favourite guilty pleasures is a huge sweet tea native McDonald’s, yet let’s face it: it isn’t constantly easy come head the end of the home with two tiny ones and also go seize a sweet tea. That’s why ns love this McDonald’s Copycat Sweet Tea recipe!

I have actually so plenty of memories roughly sweet tea cultivation up, my mom made it regularly for our family. Now that I’m older, I regularly have a glass the sweet tea as I’m sit on the porch city hall the youngsters play. The fact that this cooking recipes is so easy to make and makes a an excellent amount of sweet tea, is a win-win! You have the right to make that now and also refrigerate it for guests coming over.

How do I keep my McDonald’s sweet tea from acquiring watered down?

Add part to an ice cube tray and include the frozen cubes to your glass of sweet tea. Voila! girlfriend don’t need to worry around traditional ice cream cubes watering under your glass of tea!

Ingredients you will need to make McDonald’s Copycat Sweet Tea at Home

Filtered waterTea bagsSugarBaking soda

Recipe because that McDonalds Sweet Tea (Copycat) in ~ Home:

Boil water, remove from warm and include tea bags.Allow tea bags come steep, then stir in street to dissolve.Add baking soda, staying water to large pitcher.Stir in steeped tea after removing tea bags.Cover and also refrigerate.

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McDonald"s Copycat Sweet Tea



16 cups filtered water, divided3 family-sized tea bags1 ½ cup sugarPinch baking soda

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Place 4 cup of water in a large saucepan end high heat. Carry to a boil.Remove the saucepan from warm and include the tea bags. Covering and permit the tea to steep for 5 come 6 minutes. (Steep much longer for more powerful tea.)Meanwhile, add second 12 cups of water and also a pinch the baking soda to a gallon-sized pitcher.Remove tea bags native saucepot, tenderness squeezing to remove the overfill tea. Discard the tea bags.To the saucepan, add the sugar and also stir until fully blended.Pour the tea into the gallon-sized pitcher v the water. Stir come combine.Cover the pitcher and also refrigerate. Finest if refrigerated overnight.