Pink dye is offered to add color come glass, wool, terracotta, concrete powder, banner and shulker box. To do a pink dye to shade up different things, you just need Pink Tulip or peony. Please follow the adhering to steps to make a Pink dye

Pink Tulip or Peony 

In order to do a dye girlfriend will have actually to acquire one pink tulip or peony, so that you can use them to handmade a Pink dye. Look because that pink tulip or peony around the fields and also pick one up.

Pink Dye 

Head towards the make table to do a Pink dye. Open up up 3*3 crafting grid and include a pink tulip at the facility cell. Girlfriend will obtain a pink dye in the right-side box of the do table. If you add peony at the facility cell of the grid then you will get 2 pink water in the right-side box. Add pink dye right into your “ready come use” stock. 

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