Her World’s below editor Yeoh Jo-Ann and also her size US9 feet placed together a overview to formats that work for you and also where come hunt castle down.

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1. Loungeslippers

Avoid super-pointy tips, claims Her civilization assistant stylist Gracia Phang – they make feet look longer and larger. Stick with tapered, slightlyrounded toes, like the people on this lounge slippers – a an excellent style if you wearing pants.


Calfhair and also goatskin lounge slippers, $195,from Massimo Dutti.

2. Ballet flats

Beware: If these are cuttoo short at the sides, feetwill look broader than theyare. This pair exposesthe tiniest little bit of “toecleavage” and also coversmost the the sides of thefeet, so her feet looksleeker.


Jaime Mascaro glitterencrustedleatherballet flats, $239,from Tangs Orchard.


Afraid the they’ll will make yourfeet watch chunky? go for a style likethis – the mix of materials and thesculptural shape develop a intuitive breakthat provides the illusion that a smallershoe (and hence, foot).


PU leather wedges, $95.90, fromCharles & Keith.

4. Pumps

Classic ones – high in ~ thesides, with a small opening(the part where you on slide yourfoot in) – deserve to make widefeet appear slimmer. We likeSalvatore Ferragamo’s because that thevariety of widths and also sizes –up to US10.


Vara patent animal leather pumps,$950, indigenous SalvatoreFerragamo.

5. D’Orsays

They’redesigned toexpose the archand sides, sothey perform theneat trick ofmaking feetlook shorter.A comfortableoption for widefeet, and a pairin an exoticskin layouts upany out fit.

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Emblem pythonskin d’Orsays,$169, fromThreadbare & Squirrel

6. Sandals

A simple stylewith simply twostraps across isyour ideal bet(any an ext willemphasize thesize of your feet),advises her Worldassociate fashioneditor Ian Lee.Fit is crucial– do sureyour feet don’tlook favor they’restraining againstthe straps. Locallabel Charles &Keith carries upto size 41(US9.5) in moststyles.