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where carry out I find the proper way to measure up a shotgun barrel. So, it have the right to be reduced too the 18" min. I"ve heard as well my opinons and need the legal and correct way!Gonna develop a home gun!Thanks .........Tim
From what I recognize is the the barrel size is measured with the action closed and also drop a dowel pole or something down there until it hist the challenge of the bolt and also make a mark and also measure it.But i don"t know just how this would work for cut it shorter as it would certainly be hard to measure.

Go buy a 36" dowel at the hardware store.With an north chamber, drop the dowel under your barrel.Mark the dowel.Remove the dowel and measure 18.25"
up from the end you dropped down the barrel.Mark the dowel.Measure the distance between the 2 marks.That is the quantity you may safely cut off your barrel.My humble advice would certainly be not to reduced the barrel any much shorter than 18.25". Invariably, the muzzle finish will need some cleanup, and also you"l shed a a little bit there. 18.2" is just as legal together 18.0", and also no one will ever know the difference. 17.9999" will acquire you upto a ten year continue to be at society Fed, and also up to $250,000 in fines.Edit for a bit much more emphasis. :wink:
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Good advice....

as a assumed you may want to examine the end all size also. There is a min. Over there also. Large diff in autos, pumps, and double barrels brought about by the length of the receiver. I might be wrong yet I think that length is 26 in.
Thanks everyone!I knew it to be something prefer that,but required a good refesher !I was going to cut it at the very least 18.5" ,just incase I had a bad cut.Thanks againTim
as a assumed you might want to check the end all length also. Over there is a min. Over there also. Big diff in autos, pumps, and double barrels resulted in by the length of the receiver. I might be wrong yet I think that length is 26 in.

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with a legal size barrel, around the only means that you space going come drop under the 26" OAL is with a break activity with a pistol fixed only. By the time you put also a 12" share behind an 18" barrel, friend are currently a pair of inches over the limit. Add a pair inches of recipient in there, and also the OAL is really a non issue.Even a 20" barrel isn"t yes, really going to be a problem, and also that will allow you an extra covering if you decide to gain a magazine expansion in the future.

I provided this writeup as soon as cutting down an old Stevens. Operated nicely. ... Nches.html
Cut the barrel to 18.75 inches. If you ever go come Canada with it, you will be legal. 18.5" is the minimum barrel size there."Non-restricted weapons include:* semi-automatic rifles and shotguns with barrels that space at the very least 470 mm (18.5 inches) long, and do no otherwise autumn into a limited or banned category"When you take it a hacksaw to her shotgun, you have to be conscious of this paragraph:"Prohibited weapons include:* firearms adapted from rifles or shotguns by sawing, cutting or any type of other alteration, that, when adapted in this way, are much less than 660 mm (26 inches) lengthy or have a barrel that is less than 457 mm (18.5 inches) long", I"ve viewed 18 inches pointed out elsewhere, yet this website is the real deal (Canadian Border Services) and also I would rather err top top the side of "a little too long and also sorry because that the trouble sir" 보다 "a hair also short and also this way to her jail cell".John DaviesSpokane WA