Since 1995 and also till now, the taskbar has been a core component of the home windows user experience. The is a strip situated at the bottom of the display screen that enables the windows individuals to launch and also locate programs with ‘Start’ and ‘Start Menu’ or view any type of current regime that is open. However, you deserve to move the taskbar to any side that your display screen whether you want it ~ above the left side, or ideal side, or the peak or in ~ the bottom heat (the default setting).

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The taskbar is an extremely helpful for the customers in numerous ways like:

1. It allows you to locate different programs and tabs at it so that you have the right to open them conveniently by just clicking their icon.

2. It additionally provides easy access to the ‘Start’ and ‘Start Menu’ from whereby you deserve to open any program or applications that is available on your computer.

3. Other symbols like Wi-Fi, Calendar, Battery, Volume, etc. Are also available at the right end of the taskbar.

4. Girlfriend can add or remove any type of application icon from the taskbar easily.

5. To include any application symbol on the taskbar, just right click at the application and also click on the pen to taskbar option.

6. To remove any application icon from the taskbar, simply right click the application icon pinned in ~ the taskbar and also then click on unpin indigenous the taskbar option.

7. The search alternative is also available at the taskbar making use of which you can search for any kind of application, program, or software.

8. With each brand-new version of home windows operating equipment being released in the market, the taskbar is improving. Because that instance, the latest version of the home windows operating device that is home windows 10, has actually a Cortana search box, i beg your pardon is a brand-new feature the lacks in the older version.

Most of the Windows individuals generally uncover it convenient to occupational when Taskbar is easily accessible at the bottom that the screen. However sometimes because of below-mentioned reasons, the taskbar move to what else:

Maybe the taskbar is not locked which permits it to move anywhere and you by chance click and drag the Taskbar.You may be moving something else but clicked top top Taskbar and ended increase dragging and dropping the taskbar insteadOccasional bugs bring about Taskbar relocating from its position

How perform I relocate My Taskbar back To The Bottom that The Screen?

If her taskbar has likewise moved from its default position and you room finding it an overwhelming to relocate it ago to its initial position, then you don’t have to worry. Just keep reading this post to find out exactly how you can quickly move back the Taskbar to its initial position.

Different methods to move Taskbar back to that is default position:

Method 1: through Dragging the Taskbar

You can simply traction the taskbar to move it ago to its default position if it has actually moved come some various other place. To traction the taskbar ago to that default position, follow the listed below steps:

1. Right-click all over on the blank area of the Taskbar.

2. The right-click food selection will popular music up.

3. From the menu, make sure that Lock the taskbar choice is unchecked. If not, climate uncheck the by clicking on it.


4. Hold the left computer mouse button and drag the taskbar to its brand-new position where you want, choose left, right, top, or bottom that the screen.

5. Now, relax the computer mouse button, and the taskbar will concerned its brand-new or default position on the screen (whatever girlfriend choose).

6. Climate again, right-click all over on the empty area the the taskbar. Click on Lock the taskbar alternative from the right-click menu.


After perfect the above steps, the taskbar will certainly move earlier to its original position or wherever you desire it.

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Method 2: move Taskbar using settings

You can move the taskbar earlier to its initial position via the taskbar settings. To move the taskbar ago to that default position or wherever you want using taskbar settings, follow the below steps:

First the all, you will need to open the taskbar settings. There room two techniques via i m sorry you deserve to open taskbar settings:

Open Taskbar setups using the setups app

To open taskbar settings using settings application, monitor the listed below steps:

1. Press Windows key +I to open up the settings app.

2. Now, click the Personalization option.


4. Then, click top top the taskbar option from the food selection bar that will show up at the left panel. Top top the ideal side, taskbar settings will open up.


5. Once the taskbar settings open up up, look because that the ‘Taskbar location on-screen‘ option.

6. Under the ‘Taskbar place on-screen’ option, click the downward arrow. Climate a dropdown will open up up, and you’ll see four options: Left, Top, Right, Bottom.

7. Click the alternative where you desire to place your taskbar ~ above the screen.

8. Once you choose the option, your taskbar will automatically move come that place on the screen.

9. Close the settings page.

10. Before closing settings, you need not save anything.

After perfect the over steps, the taskbar will move earlier to the bottom of the display or the position which you select above.

Open Taskbar setups using the Taskbar itself

To open up taskbar settings using taskbar itself follow the listed below steps:

1. Right-click anywhere at the blank area the the Taskbar.

2. Currently the right-click menu will open up.

3. Then, click on the taskbar settings alternative from the menu, and also the taskbar settings web page will open up up.


4. As soon as the taskbar settings open up, look because that the ‘Taskbar location on-screen‘ option.

5. Under the ‘Taskbar location on-screen’ option, click on the bottom arrow. Then a dropdown will open up, and you’ll see 4 options: Left, Top, Right, Bottom.

6. Click on the choice where you want to place your taskbar ~ above the screen.

7. As soon as you choose the option, her taskbar will automatically move come that ar on the screen.

8. Nearby the setups page.

After completing the over steps, the taskbar will certainly move back to the position where you desire it.


Hopefully, using any of the above methods, you will certainly easily have the ability to move the Taskbar back to the bottom the the screen.

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If girlfriend still have questions regarding how to relocate the taskbar earlier to the bottom climate feel free to ask them in the comment sections.