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Somehow my golvebox take care of broke and I can"t open it. Anybody out there have actually this issue too and/r have any type of recommendations on just how to open and fix it? that feels prefer it will certainly break if i pull ~ above it. I require to obtain in there together it has actually my registrtation and also insurance card and I have actually a lead foot! thanks in advance!:crazy

Somehow my golvebox take care of broke and I can"t open up it. Anybody the end there have actually this issue too and/r have any type of recommendations on exactly how to open and also fix it? that feels prefer it will break if i pull top top it. I need to gain in there together it has my registrtation and also insurance card and also I have a lead foot! thanks in advance!:crazy
Try advertise in ~ above the center of the top edge when you are pulling the release. The capture bar is adjustible and my be a bit loose causing it come drop under a bit farther 보다 normal. Pushin in may allow the hook to clear it anyway. Good luck.Just another thought would be to remove the hinge screws and see if the door just drops off.


Same ThingHad the exact same thing happen. Ended up forcing the open. Seems like the new one was about $40.00 indigenous the regional dealer.
2006 FPR
Deer Park, TX

The hinge of the gloves box is hosted onto the dash frame with three screws. It takes a 7mm socket to eliminate them. If you remove the screws, the may enable you to placed a small pressure ~ above the handle/latch while moving the box roughly in the hole........ The may enable you to gain it to release without break anything.Good luck,Mike
had to remove the glovebox. The latch is cracked and the retaining ring in earlier is broken, regional dealer states the parts are out of stock, but agve me some numbers to call. Amazing just how one little component can reason so much grief. On a an excellent note my new K&N waiting intake came in and the weather is gonna it is in beautiful for install tomorrow!!:banana
Just had actually the very same thing happen to me! i took the three screws out and also that did no help. Ended up break the handle and that did not help!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope "out of stock" does not median "out of production"! hopefully they still make theses handles! Thanks!
:yellow:I have a 2004 SSR and went to open up the gloves box. When I traction on the handle to release the latch the broke. Any advise on where to discover the component and exactly how to replace would be appreciated.Thanks therefore much,Wichita Bill
Don"t force it. I put together a procedure to open up the glove box, yet I to be still wanting to add some much more info, so it hasn"t been included to the library yet. I carry out not have actually it with but Dicktator has it. ~ you gain it open, it is easy to replace. SSR part is the end of stock. Same latch is on similar model year Saturn ( don"t have actually model through me), Trailblazer and also Pontiac GTO. There room still a few of those in stock yet you should make sure you are acquiring a black latch handle. Many Trailblazer ones are GREY. If friend buy a supplied one (Ebay) and it has a lock on the make certain you acquire the an essential for that latch or you will certainly not be able to readjust out the lock cylinder.DICKTATORCan friend send Wichita bill a pdf the the procedure?
Opening the glove box.

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1.Pull the chrome strip.2. Eliminate the bolts holding the bottom dash.3. Traction bottom dash under slightly, you have the right to see the "u" shaped bar the the latch "latches" on. 4. Remove the two little bolts hold the "U" bar utilizing an finish wrench and patience.5. Gloves glove box will certainly drop open. When you have it open, then remove the bolts at the bottom and also remove the door.Take the within cover off, you will watch a "rod" the actuates the latch. The is supposed the be in the plastic guides the are probably broken. You can install a small screw to replace the tab that is broken.If girlfriend have broken the external surround the the latch, you deserve to put a screw in from the earlier to host it in place, it will certainly not be remarkable to anyone but you. The dealers tech broke mine and also then want me to salary a $200 deductible. The latch is not available separate, but the door (including the latch) is easily accessible for $500.Be patient, you can repair it.Jack
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