When the deck belt ~ above your john Deere talk lawn mower starts to make noise, slip, or snap, the time to change it. That a good idea to remain on optimal of maintenance and also repairs to prolong the life of your mower. Though changing the deck belt on your lawn mower might seem overwhelming, the a relatively easy task. Here’s just how to readjust the deck belt on a john Deere talk lawn mower.

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Before performing any type of maintenance on your john Deere lawn mower, describe your operator’s hands-on for maintenance, security information, and instructions for her machine. Maintain instructions differ by model, so depending on your speak lawn mower design our instructions might vary slightly.

Before an altering the deck belt, make sure your lawn mower is parked top top a flat, level surface. Shut turn off the engine, remove the an essential from the ignition, and also disconnect the spark plug cable to protect against accidental starting.

Once this is done, progressive the deck elevation lever come the highest setting. Ar wooden block under every side of the mower deck come prepare because that deck removal. Lower the deck elevation lever come its lowest place so the mower deck rests ~ above the blocks.

Disconnect the deck background linkages by remove the pins and also washers. Remove the linkages native the deck, disconnect the behind draft arm, and also disconnect the mower deck belt to remove the deck from the mower. Eliminate the wood blocks and permit the deck wheels to touch the ground. On slide the deck from under the mower.

Remove the belt covers by remove the screws that host it in place. Ease the sheaves and remove the old deck belt. Change it v a brand-new John Deere deck belt.

Route the deck belt around the sheaves and also pulleys, following the same path as the belt you removed. Replace the belt covers and also screw them into place, and re-tighten the sheaves v the belt in position.

Place the deck elevation lever in the transport position to reattach the mower deck. Slide the deck earlier under the machine. Reinstall the pins and washers come reattach the link to the deck, and also reattach the behind draft eight to the deck.

Lastly, reconnect the spark plug ignition wire and also start the mower.

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