Rockstar return to the fictitious state of mountain Andreas with a crew of 3 criminal protagonists who occupational together to pull turn off high-profile heists.

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Hey duders!

I"v to be wondering is over there any way to actually restart or abort a mission in GTA 5, i"v been playing few of the street gyeongju in the game and it would be quite if you can restart those missions specifically.

Thx - have actually a great one!


Uh, i dunno around from the pause menu, but just fail it and also it"ll give you a check suggest option and also restart indigenous the start option.


I couldn"t find anything like that. I"ve had actually two objectives break top top me and also I had to either discover a method to die or simply load my last autosave to fix it. That seems choose an evident feature to encompass in a video game like this, however unless it"s hidden in some weird food selection I don"t think it"s possible.


ns dunno guy I yes, really think you should consider carrying the mission to full term. I have some pamphlets here for you to read...

Sorry couldn"t resist the dumb joke. Anyway i tried recognize a method to finish a mission early on the first time i played. Ns looked all through the menus and also couldn"t find a switch to end it. I guess Rockstar isn"t pro-choice. Again, genuine sorry because that that.


I have the same trouble I put it in the dislike thread but the only way is to death yourself and quit the mission need to sit in the loading screen and also do whatever all end again that not even worth that takes method to long.

i wish you could re-do some of the side activities. I was law a Bounty and also shot the game instead of his henchman by accident. I tried come let the others finish me off yet instead of obtaining a retry alternative it placed me in the hospital and also I shed the possibility to carry that male in. Sort of a drag, especially since they carry out nothing to identify your bounty from random bad guys, and yah the graphics have actually gotten much better but c"mon Rockstar, ns can"t make doods the end from much away while gaining shot - put a red arrow over the target or something.

Ive had a few missions where I needed to restart however couldnt. I average its difficult to outrun the cops in a rubbish truck, or obtain to the peak of vinewood to kill somebody in under a minute. Its not that negative though, I always carry sticky bombs which renders for simple restart button.

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