For make a lawn wonderful and also enticing, a lawnmower is a must. However with this effective tool, periodically you may challenge some vital situation. 

You know due to the fact that it is a tool it can cause a most trouble. Among which is bend or punctured come the wheel. If the tire is bag anyhow, it i do not care a very daunting and difficult job to run a lawnmower. Transforming the wheel i do not care a pressing need to fix this problem.

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Seems peril to you? No way. 

Changing a wheel no a tough thing to execute if you have just ideal experience ~ above it. However, if you have no expertise of that, this article will add to let girlfriend know advantageous information.

In this article, girlfriend will have knowledge about how to eliminate a lawnmower wheel and also lawn mower wheel instead of process.

So let’s have actually no wasting of time. We’re right here to smooth her journey. Stop kick-off.

In this content you’ll learn:

Process Of remove A Lawnmower WheelHow To remove Rusty Or stuck Wheels native Lawn Mower

Process Of removed A Lawnmower Wheel

Here we’ll overview you that exactly how to eliminate the 2 most frequently used lawn mowers wheels. 

How to Remove push Lawn Mower Wheel

how To Remove press Lawn Mower Wheel

If you have actually a push lawnmower and want to remove its wheel, follow the steps outlined below. This procedure helps girlfriend to remove the wheel in simply 5 to 10 minutes. But first of all, have a look at the necessary equipment that you will need:

Hand glovesGoggles A brick or a wooden blockScrewdriverSocket WrenchPliers

Steps to Follow:

Step #1: Unplug The Spark Plug

To stop power contact, first, unplug her mower’s strength supply. Each mower has actually a different battery link system. Find it out and disconnect it.

Step #2: place A Brick Or wood Under The Wheel

Raise the mower gently and place a item of brick or lumber underneath its former edge. Follow the same procedure if you want to remove the rear wheel, and also place a item of brick or wood below the behind wheels.

Step #3: eliminate The Hubcap

If you perform not watch a screw in the center of the wheel, you have the right to be certain it is extended with a hubcap. Remove the hubcap utilizing a hand or a screwdriver. With a tap, the hubcap will certainly come out.

Step #4: Remove The facility Screw

Take a socket wrench. Turn the screw in the facility of the wheel anticlockwise by using the wrench. The screw will certainly come the end quickly.

Step #5: Remove The Washer

Remove the washer under the screw through hand or by using the pliers. Although most push mowers do not have this washer.

Step #6: Bring out The Old Wheel and Install new One

When all parts are put off, location your hands on the rubber around the wheels. Rotate the wheel slowly and also gently use pressure. No require to apply too much pressure. The wheel will certainly come the end slowly. Follow the reverse procedure together described above for the environment of the new wheels that the same model and also brand.

How To remove Riding Lawn Mower Wheels

how To remove Riding Lawn Mower wheels

If friend would favor to readjust the wheel that a speak mower, follow the steps outlined below. These procedures will make your job easier and also reduce the hassle. It may take 10 to 15 minute to complete the whole process.

Necessary equipment: 

Mower lifterHand glovesGogglesFlathead screwdriverPliers 

Steps to Follow:

Step #1: eliminate The power Cord

First, location the mower top top a flat surface for ease the work. Disconnect the strength cord indigenous the battery carefully.

Step #2: Place Lawn Mower Lifter

Place the mower lifter under the wheel you desire to change. 

Step #3: Adjust Lawn Mower Lifter

Please go through the User hand-operated carefully very first before utilizing Mower Lifter for security purposes. Now, usage the mower lifter. Keep using pressure in the paddle that the mower lifter until it provides 90 levels angle roughly with the ground. Lock the pins attached come the lifter well.

Step #4: Remove The Wheel Plastic Cap

Now undertake hand gloves. Revolve the plastic cap an installed on the facility of the wheel anticlockwise. Gradually the cap will certainly come out. Although many riding mowers do not have actually this cap.

Step #5: Remove The Cotter Pin

After remove the protective cap, you will watch a cotter pin. Operation a screwdriver in between the axle pin and the cotter pin. Traction the pinout of the facility of the wheel come close it. 

To perform this work-related effectively, girlfriend must have a an excellent screwdriver set.

You deserve to remove the cotter pen by dragging it come the outside using the pliers. Hold the cotter pin tightly v the pliers and pull that firmly toward you so that the pin comes out. 

Step #6: remove The Washer

Pull the washer under the pen outwards and also remove it.

Step #7: Bring out The Old Wheel and Install new One

Trying to eliminate a large wheel is a small bit difficult task however not impossible. Maintaining your hands behind the wheel, gradually pull the outwards. The wheel will come the end slowly and also you’re done.

To have the environment of the brand-new wheels that the exact same model and company, follow the turning back procedure as pointed out above. 

How To eliminate Rusty Or grounding Wheels from Lawn Mower


If the wheel does not come out also after removing the main nut, cotter pin, and also washer, it deserve to be assumed the there is a possibility of rust in the center of the wheel. 

Also, there is the possibility that such troubles may happen when excess dust is stuck to the wheel or if a tough object is stuck in the facility of the wheel. In this case, the complying with processes can assist you remove this problem.

Necessary equipment: 

Oil lubricantA wood blockA hammerScrub brush

Steps come Follow: 

Step #1: Spray Oil Lubricant

If the wheel does no come the end of the key axle, spray some oil lubricant approximately the center pin. Try to pull the wheel gently by dragging it back and forth. However, be cautious not to damages the key axle.

Step #2: shot Hammer and also Wood Process

Even if the wheel does no come out, take a item of wood and a hammer. Location the timber somewhere between the center of the wheel and also the edge.

Hold the piece of hardwood well through one hand and continue come hit the hardwood using the hammer with the various other hand. After ~ hitting it because that a while, try to lug the wheel out. If that does no come out then repeat the process until the wheel is out.

Step #3: Clean The facility Nut

Sometimes rust occurs in the main nut. Take it a difficult fiber scrub brush and also clean the central nut by rubbing it through the brush. Then spray part oil lubricant approximately the nut. Shot to turn the nut anticlockwise. Store trying until it comes out.

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The verdict

If you room a push lawn mower user, it won’t be a difficult task because that you to remove a wheel. It is affordable, facile and takes much less time. Making use of a press lawn mower is likewise effective for your health. 

But as soon as you usage a speak lawn mower, removing a wheel is costly, time-consuming and difficult. Girlfriend need an ext equipment to eliminate a wheel. Sometimes it is risky to remove a riding lawn mower wheel by yourself. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you and also has provided you all the knowledge on just how to eliminate a Lawn Mower Wheel.