Hello everyone and also welcome! I had actually a couple of world who sent me part messages and also posted comments on resetting the engine oil life or maintenance light ~ above the 2018 Honda Accord.

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So today, ns going come quickly present you how to reset A1 or everything number or B number it shows maintenance forced for your new Honda Accord. You can do this if you do your own services or if her technician forgets come reset it.

Honda Accord maintain Light/Oil Life Reset Guide

For her info, this operation work-related for the tenth generation the the Honda Accord (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 version years).

With swarm Display

All right, guys, we have actually a 2018 Honda Accord here, and we’ve perform the A1 business for the maintenance minder system. And what we’re going come do currently is reset or reinitialize it, therefore it’s good until the next oil change. So this is just how you deserve to reset it:Turn ~ above your auto without starting the engineFirst, you’ll desire to make certain the car is in Park and you deserve to do this in accessory setting by push the POWER switch twice without step on the brake pedalPress the house button to get in the main menuThe switch is located on the steering wheel

With Touchscreen

This new Honda Accord has actually two types of reset, and also for those of friend who have whose car has equipped with a general practitioners system, this is wherein we are going come reset.Turn on her carPush the HOME switch on the main display

Then she gonna walk ahead and also hit SETTINGSNext, she gonna come up with a bunch of food selection items, for this reason you’re gonna walk ahead and hit VEHICLEAfter the go down to the bottom and select MAINTENANCE INFOIt’ll come up v what’s due and also what it is i beg your pardon is constantly nice to know. So you’re gonna go ahead come SELECT RESET ITEMSSelect the maintain item that you have finished working on and then once you want to reset, you just hit reset and it will certainly turn into a hundred percentFor much more details, please watch the following video:
So that’s just how you reset the maintenance light or oil life on the brand-new Honda Accord. Friend can additionally get these instructions in your hands-on book. Alright, many thanks so much for reading, and also let me understand if friend have any kind of questions nice easily. Bye!

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