What’s up, guys! Today, i will do a rapid content on maintain light reset for my wife’s 2018 Toyota Camry. So i’m going to go over v you what the takes come reset the maintain light as far as what friend need, and then we’re going in reality to execute it from start to end up on this thing. So i hope you gain it and also hope friend learned something.

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I’ve been doing this for a while I’ve operated in garages. I’ve functioned in the driveway, i have done every sorts of points I’ve checked out all kinds of things, and of course, i have heard a few things follow me the means I want to kind of talk around it. Therefore let’s get into it.

All appropriate in this section, I will certainly be mirroring you how to reset the oil maintenance light top top a 2019 Toyota Camry XV70. Very simple and naught crazy. We’re going to usage the directional pad on the steering wheel to do this. So let’s carry out it.

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Turn top top your auto position without starting the engineIf your car has an ignition button, press the START/STOP switch twice without action on the brakeGo to the ⚙️ SettingsUse the directional pad ~ above the steering wheel come scroll v to the food selection until you discover the ⚙️ setups menuFind the VEHICLE SETTINGSFind the auto Settings food selection in the setups menu. For Camry with a 7-inch display, this menu has actually a automobile symbol v a small gear top top itPress yes sir buttonPress and also hold ok on the highlighted auto SettingsSelect booked MAINTENANCEHighlight the Schedule Maintenance and also then press the OK switch to selectSelect YESIt’s going come ask friend Reset Data? then you’re gonna pick yes and this will complete your reset
For her info, this operation occupational for the eighth generation of the Toyota Camry XV70 (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 model years).
So it is it. This will finish your maintain reset. Make sure to follow her scheduled company reset as per her owner’s manual. Comment down below if girlfriend have any type of questions. Okay, many thanks for reading!

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