Saying goodbye in Italian is miscellaneous you need to learn in stimulate to understand the language.

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You can use various phrases for various situations and also it’s necessary to recognize when you can use a formal or not blocked goodbye.

Here’s how!

How to say goodbye in Italian

Greetings differ from culture to society and from situation to situation.

So, what space the common ways to to speak goodbye in Italian?

In general, as well as ‘arrivederci,’ you have actually probably heard phrases favor ‘arrivederla’ i beg your pardon is a official goodbye, and it means ‘until following time,’ or ‘alla prossima,’ which have the right to be provided as a casual goodbye.

Goodbye in Italian: Arrivederci

Arrivederci is a common means to to speak goodbye in Italy.

It have the right to be provided in any type of informal situation and it’s a an excellent way to end the conversation through your friends.

It literally means ‘until we see each various other again,’ directly implying the you will satisfy again.

It’s mostly a regimen greeting and you will certainly hear it nearly everywhere. If you’re in a formal environment though, girlfriend will want to usage ‘arrivederla.’


A Domani!

‘A domani’ method ‘see girlfriend tomorrow.’

You can use it as soon as you’re leaving the office, or as soon as you’re saying goodbye to the barista ~ you obtain your coffee.

It’s just implying the the same program will happen again.

A Presto!

This goodbye way ‘see friend soon.’

You can use it when you are leaving a friend’s home or once you run right into your co-worker ~ above the street.

The warm of this greeting is contextual: it deserve to be matter-of-fact or not.

If you are leaving human being you treatment about, the weight of the implied hope of conference again depends on the common affection, however certainly expect colors it.


Ci Vediamo Presto!

‘Ci vediamo presto’ method ‘we’ll satisfy each other again.’

Use it as soon as you understand you are going to watch the other person again, or as soon as you hope you will.

You can additionally use ‘ci sentiamo presto,’ which means ‘we’ll hear indigenous each other again,’ or ‘a risentirci presto,’ meaning ‘talk soon.’

The last ones can be efficiently used in a call conversation.

Alla Prossima!

Meaning ‘until following time,’ or ‘to the next time,’ it can be used when you are looking front to the next meeting you will have actually with the person, nevertheless of when that may be.

You deserve to use this greeting through friends and also acquaintances and also it leaves the future unknown.

You might not it is in sure when you’ll fulfill again, yet you are sure girlfriend will.


‘Buonanotte’ simply method ‘good night.’ the a great phrase to use before you space going come bed.

If you’re leaving a conversation early on though, and also it’s supposed to resume in the morning, you deserve to say ‘buona serata,’ together a ‘good evening.’

Torna Presto!

This good-bye literally method ‘come earlier soon.’

You might use that from friends and also acquaintances friend made in your pilgrimage to Italy or when you’re leaving a coffee shop.

There is likewise ‘torna presto a trovarci’ which way ‘come visit us again soon.’


Buon Viaggio!

You deserve to use this phrase whenever someone is leave on a trip.

It way ‘have a quite trip,’ and also you’re wishing that upon them.

You might hear it once you tell your Italian friends the you room going ago home.

You can additionally use among these:

Buon lavoro – an excellent luck through your workBuona giornata – have a great dayBuona serata – have actually a an excellent eveningBuon divertimento – have actually a an excellent timeBuon rientro – have actually a safe return

Buon Proseguimento

When you’re speak ‘buon proseguimento,’ you’re speak ‘good pursuits.’

The phrase is a wish for you to reap the remainder of every little thing you were doing as soon as the conversation v your bolder started, it is in it resuming a trip, or continuing a walk, or continuing a visit with someone.

You may hear the after someone concerns talk come you when you’re in a restaurant, or as soon as they prevent you ~ above the street to say hello.


‘Addio’ means ‘farewell.

Even though it’s claimed to it is in a last goodbye, in countless places about Italy, such as Tuscany, it’s used on a consistent basis, as a common goodbye in Italian.

You might want come see how the locals space using it before actually utilizing it.

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Here’s a beautiful art track by F. P. Tosti called “Addio” sung by the Italian tenor Carlo Bergonzi. Lyrics here.