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Before we set out to explore how to say “hello” in Hindi and also other facets of saying hello in Hindi, let united state share through you the reality that India is a land of miscellaneous languages. And also frankly, we’re not also sure how plenty of Indian alternatives there space to greet every other. It would certainly be favor counting the stars in the sky. Thus, “hello” in Hindi translation can vary greatly based on context.

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But when it pertains to saying “good morning” in Hindi or “hello” in Hindi, take it a breath the relief as the number shrinks to just a handful of Hindi “hello” words. In India, spoken Hindi is a seamless blend of Hindi and Urdu. Of course, many native people offer greetings in Hindi and also English both.

In this article, beginner will discover the most typical words for “hello” in the Hindi language. We’ll additionally teach you both formal and informal methods to to speak “hello” in Hindi, together with the time-sensitive Hindi words for “hello,” such together “good evening” and “good afternoon.”

Also, if you desire to hear “hello” in Hindi pronunciation, you can check our appropriate vocabulary list v audio because that you to listen to. This will help you more effectively learn just how to speak “hello” in the Hindi language, as will discovering “hello” native Hindi speakers v our Premium add to MyTeacher program.

Table that Contents

1. Various Ways come Say “Hello” in Hindi


So, the huge questions now are: “What is ‘hello’ in Hindi?” and “How do you speak ‘hello’ in Hindi?” Well, there room plenty that ways. These forms are directly influenced through the form of greeting chance (formal or informal), the religious beliefs of the people, the time of day, and so on. We’ll be to teach you just how to create “hello” in Hindi, and use that in conversation.

Because that the rich and also diverse society breathing in the country, it’s quite common to check out Indians making use of words in both Urdu and also Hindi. Moreover, the generational space is noticeable when it pertains to greeting every other. Youngsters have different styles of speak “What’s up?” in Hindi, conversely, adults like to be rather proper when they say hello. The bottom line is this: If you’re trying to find a selection of means to greet Indian human being with “Hello,” Hindi is her language! discovering the words have the right to be a difficulty at first, but fully worth it.

2. An easy Categories of “Hello” and “Goodbye” in Hindi


Keeping the learners’ ease in mind, we’ve divided our list of words right into three significant categories. The very first list consists of words that qualify as both formal and informal methods to speak “Hello” in Hindi.

The 2nd category is because that words and phrases because that hello in formal Hindi. And also the third list will certainly teach you to say it informally.

With that the end of the way, let’s start learning Hindi greetings!

3. Words for “Hello” & “Hi” in Hindi (Formal and Informal)


So first, we’ll start with the most famous words for just how to to speak “hello” in Hindi that can be provided for both formal and also informal situations.

Hindi words & Phrases for “Hello”English MeaningOccasionTime – Sensitiveनमस्कार (NamaSkaar)
नमस्ते (NamaSTe)The most common way to to speak “hello.”Formal & InformalNo
Hello.Formal & InformalNo
अस-सलाम-अलैकुम (aS-SaLaam-aLaikum)A common method to to speak “hello” among Muslims.Formal & InformalNo
आदाब (aaDaab)A usual word because that “hello” among Muslims.Formal & InformalNo
सत् श्री अकाल(SaT srii akaaL)A typical greeting amongst Sikhs.Formal & InformalNo

1- नमस्ते (NamaSTe)

Even if you’ve never been come India, we bet girlfriend still know how to to speak “Hello” in the Hindi language. The one word the the whole civilization is familiar with is नमस्ते (NamaSTe). Think us, in India, you can never walk wrong v it. This really is just one of the best alternatives for how to say hello in Indian countries.


नमस्ते (NamaSTe) is the many common and also apt form of hello in Hindi translation, it is in it a officially meeting, an informal gathering, or even greeting the elders. It’s likewise the many reliable an option when you ask yourself: how do you to speak “Hello, just how are you?” in Hindi? This is specifically true once meeting someone for the very first time.


नमस्ते, मेरा नाम रीमा है।(NamaSTe, meraa Naam riimaa hai.)“Hello, my surname is Reema.”

As defined here, you can very often usage नमस्ते (NamaSTe) to introduce yourself and also say, “Hello, my name is…” in Hindi.

2- नमस्कार (NamaSkaar)

The second most widespread word because that hello in Hindi an interpretation is नमस्कार (NamaSkaar). Whether you’re conference a colleague or wondering how to to speak hello in Hindi to a man/elderly person, नमस्कार (NamaSkaar) is a widespread means to greet in together situations.


नमस्कार, आपका स्वागत है।(NamaSkaar, aapakaa SvaagaT hai.)“Hello, you’re many welcome.”

3- अस-सलाम-अलैकुम (aS-SaLaam-aLaikum)

अस-सलाम-अलैकुम (aS-SaLaam-aLaikum) is a formal (and informal) expression for speak hello in Urdu. It’s widely practiced by Muslims as soon as greeting every other. This greeting, adjusted from the Arabic language, way “Peace be unto you.”


When one person says अस-सलाम-अलैकुम (aS-SaLaam-aLaikum), answer by saying वा-अलैकुम-सलाम (vaa-aLaikum-SaLaam), which means, “Peace be unto you too.”

You may additionally hear this expression for hello in Hindi song or also “Hello” in Hindi films or serials. This is usually if it depicts a festive scene of an Eid solemn event or the life of a Muslim family.


अस-सलाम-अलैकुम भाई जान, कैसे हैं?(aS-SaLaam-aLaikum bhaaii jaaN, kaiSe hain.)“Hello brother, exactly how are you?”

4- आदाब (aaDaab)

In the very same way, आदाब (aaDaab) is one more popular means to greet amongst Muslims. Come respond, simply say the word ago to them.

Just choose we use नमस्ते (NamaSTe) to plenty of people, Muslims likewise use आदाब (aaDaab) to deal with a solitary individual or a group of people.

5- सत् श्री अकाल (SaT srii akaaL)

India is a soil of many religions, and Sikhism is among the most crucial ones. Talking around India without pointing out the Sikhs would certainly be an incomplete story!

That’s why we’ve likewise included the usual greeting phrase सत् श्री अकाल (SaT srii akaaL), i m sorry is often talked by Sikhs or Punjabi people. The complete greeting is जो बोले सो निहाल, सत् श्री अकाल (jo boLe so NihaaL, sat srii akaaL). The can roughly be analyzed as: “Blessed is the person who says, God is Truth.” However, people typically use the short greeting that सत् श्री अकाल (SaT srii akaaL).


If you ever happen throughout a Punjabi friend or family, say सत् श्री अकाल (SaT srii akaaL). It will average a lot to them!


सत् श्री अकाल जी, कैसे हो आप?(SaT srii akaaL jii, kaiSe ho aap?)“Hello, just how are you?”

4. How do You speak Hello in Hindi? (Formal Situations)

We’ve now reached the section of words that are put to use in formal instances (preferably). You might hear this phrases in news stories, interviews, or radio channels.

One may likewise see this phrases because that “hello” in Hindi composing in official papers or script of the exact same nature together the mediums detailed above.

Now, let’s come back to our basic question in this article: What is Hindi for “hello” in official situations? which ones room time-specific? here we walk!

Hindi native & Phrases for “Hello”English MeaningOccasionTime – Sensitive
सुप्रभात (SuprabhaaT)“Good Morning.”FormalYes
शुभ संध्या (subh SaNDHyaa)“Good Evening.”FormalYes
शुभ रात्रि (subh raaTri)“Good Night.”FormalYes

1- सुप्रभात (SuprabhaaT)

As each day starts with nice, glowing morning sunshine, why not start with the morning “hello” in Hindi word सुप्रभात (SuprabhaaT)?

Let us remind girlfriend again the though सुप्रभात (SuprabhaaT) means “good morning” in English, that doesn’t have actually the very same level of popularity in the basic public. And also thus, सुप्रभात (SuprabhaaT) is more often supplied in formal instances only.


सुप्रभात, आज के समाचार कुछ इस प्रकार हैं।(SuprabhaaT, aaj ke Samaacaar kuch iS prakaar hain.)“Good morning, here’s the recent news for today.”

2- शुभ संध्या (subh SaNDHyaa)

You need to be wonder what to say if you desire to wish someone a “good evening”. Well, words for that in Hindi is शुभ संध्या (subh SaNDHyaa).

It’s provided in the same way as सुप्रभात (SuprabhaaT), yet is used during a different time frame. Essentially, it means, “good evening.”

3- शुभ रात्रि (subh raaTri)

And the critical formal phrase is शुभ रात्रि (subh raaTri) for saying “good night.” simply remember that it’s kind of a goodbye, and also not stated while greeting someone at the beginning of a meeting.

5. Words for Saying “Hello” in Hindi (Informal Situations)


We’ve landed on the most useful section the the article: learning hello in Hindi because that informal situations, favor meeting friends, guests, and also cousins. These are good follow-ups because that after did you do it learned how to say, “Hello, my friend,” in Hindi!

Hindi indigenous & Phrases because that “Hello”English MeaningOccasionTime – Sensitive
कैसे / कैसी हैं आप?(kaiSe/kaiSii hain aap?)“How room you? / how do girlfriend do?”InformalNo
क्या हाल हैं?(kyaa haaL hain?)“How’ve girlfriend been? / exactly how are friend doing?”InformalNo
सलाम (SaLaam)A common method to say hello amongst Muslims.InformalNo
सब कैसा चल रहा है?(Sab kaiSaa caL rahaa hai?)“How’s every little thing going on?”InformalNo
कई दिनों बाद मिलना हुआ! (kaii DiNon baaD miLaNaa huaa)“Long time! / It’s been a long time!”InformalNo
और बताइये!(aur baTaaiye)“So, what’s up?”InformalNo
कहाँ हो आज कल?(kahaan ho aaj kaL?)“Where are you these days?”InformalNo

1- कैसे / कैसी हैं आप? (kaiSe/kaiSii hain aap?)

Honestly, over there are numerous ways to analyze “hello” into Hindi in unshened situations. Our very first handpicked phrase is कैसे हैं आप? (kaiSe hain aap?) when talking come a man and कैसी हैं आप (kaiSii hain aap?) when talking come a woman.

The phrase way “How space you?” / “How carry out you do?” in English and also is additionally an different to speak “Hello, sir” in Hindi.


अरे चाची जी, कैसी हैं आप?(arey caacii jii, kaiSii hain aap?)“Hello aunty, how are you?”

2- क्या हाल हैं? (kyaa haaL hain?)

The friendlier and more relaxed way to greet human being of your own period (or younger) is by saying क्या हाल हैं? (kyaa haaL hain?), which means “How have you been?” or “How room you doing?” in English.


When you addressing just one friend and also wish come say, “Hello, my friend” in Hindi, use this sentence:

और दोस्त, क्या हाल हैं ?(aur DoST, kyaa haaL hain?)“So/Hello my friend, how are girlfriend doing?”

But once you’re addressing an ext than one human being as friends, and wish come say, “Hello, my friends” in Hindi, usage this sentence:

और दोस्तों, क्या हाल हैं ?(aur DoSTon, kyaa haaL hain?)“So/Hello friends, how are you doing?”

In both examples, it’s visible the और दोस्त (aur DoST) is enough to say, “Hello, friend” in Hindi for any kind of informal get-together.

3- सलाम (SaLaam)

सलाम (SaLaam) is the best method to informally greet her Muslim friends. The phrase isn’t time-specific, therefore you deserve to wish lock सलाम (SaLaam) any kind of time that the day and win your hearts!

सलाम शफ़ीक़ भाई, कहाँ जा रहे हैं?(SaLaam safiiq bhaaii, kahaan jaa rahe hain?)“Hello Shafiq bro, where are you going?”

4- सब कैसा चल रहा है? (Sab kaiSaa caL rahaa hai?)

If you wish to speak “How’s every little thing going on?” or “How’s it going?” in Hindi, the proper informal expression is सब कैसा चल रहा है? (Sab kaiSaa caL rahaa hai?). Civilization ask this as soon as they genuinely care about you and your whereabouts.

5- कई दिनों बाद मिलना हुआ (kaii DiNon baaD miLaNaa huaa)

For a short English greeting phase, such together “Long time!” we have actually a long one: कई दिनों बाद मिलना हुआ। (kaii DiNon baaD miLaNaa huaa). Yes, us Indians are rather expressive and love to talk. The finish translation for this is “It’s to be a lengthy time.” (This is a large reason why we never mind indulging into a lengthy list of Hindi words when chatting!)

अरे वाह, सतीश ! कई दिनों बाद मिलना हुआ !(arey vaah, saTiis! kaii DiNon baaD miLaNaa huaa!)“Oh wow, Satish! lengthy time!”

6- और बताइये (aur baTaaiye)

Curious about how to say “hello” in Hindi slang? Well, the most renowned one is और बताइये (aur baTaaiye). It’s a Hindi variation of saying, “So, those up?” in English.

Youngsters frequently modify it a bit while speak to their friends, and say और बताओ ! (aur baTaao).

7- कहाँ हो आज कल? (kahaan ho aaj kaL?)

Lastly, Indians also use the Hindi phrase कहाँ हो आज कल? (kahaan ho aaj kaL?), which means “Where room you these days?” It’s generally used in both face-to-face and also telephone conversations.

As you can see, yes no solitary answer for what to say as soon as greeting someone. Based on the circumstances, you deserve to pick any kind of of the unit volume explained above and start an exciting conversation through someone.

6. Words and Phrases offered in Friendship

In this section, we’ll conveniently cover the widely widespread words and phrases for friends and also someone the you’re dating. So, let’s get going!


1- यार (yaar)

यार (yaar) method “buddy.” that affectionately used for both male and also female friends. Simply remember to never say this to an elderly human being or someone that holds a higher authority than you (in the rectal or elsewhere).


चल यार, कुछ खाते हैं।(caL yaar, kuch khaaTe hain.)“Come on buddy, stop eat something.”

2- दोस्त (DoST)

This is a an easy but systematic word the bonds 2 friends together. The English version of दोस्त (DoST) is “mate.”

और दोस्त , कैसे हो ?(aur DoST, kaiSe ho?)“Hey mate, just how are you?”

3- for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

But what about when you’re dating someone? There space pet name for your loved one in every language, and Hindi is no exception.

So, if you a girl who wishes come flirt v your friend by saying “Hello Handsome” in Hindi, the phrase would be ओ मेरे हीरो ! (o just hero). The literal meaning translation of the Hindi expression is, “Oh, my hero!” because there isn’t any kind of appropriate word for calling a male “handsome” in Hindi, it’s ideal to speak to him your hero, which both reflects that the is both handsome and also a star in your eyes.

If you a boy, trying to find words to impress your sweetheart, confidently opt because that something like शोना (soNaa) and मेरी प्यारी (merii pyaarii) which way “Hello, mine sweet.” girlfriend can likewise use परी (parii) an interpretation “fairy,” or हसीना (haSiiNaa) which way “Hello, beautiful girl” in Hindi.

But this is a reminder. Indian culture is rather conservative in the nature. And saying these words the end loud is no only taken into consideration rude, but vulgar together well. So, execute so in private.

Moreover, unlike in other western countries, we’re not that open to flirting with someone who we’re not in a relationship with. Hence, it’s better not come flirt with someone who has actually met you because that the first time.

7. Find out to say Hello in Hindi v jajalger2018.org

We expect you enjoyed learning just how to say “How space you?” in Hindi, and also more, v us. Execute you feeling ready now to speak hello in India? Which expression is her favorite? let us understand in the comments!

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