When you began to find out Korean, did you shot to teach your household members just how to speak a few words in Korean? periodically the best technique of learning oriental is to teach someone else, together it would mean that you have to be an professional on whatever you would teach someone. That is likewise a great review tool for yourself. Today, this korean word will certainly be may be to assist you open up a conversation through your household members in korean by to teach them how to say sister in Korean.

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How come Say sister in Korean

Here is how come say sister in Korean: 누나 for older sister and also 여동생 for younger sister

If girlfriend would choose to use the global term for ‘female sibling’, you have the right to use the term 여자 형제 i m sorry literally translates to woman sibling in Korean. However, the is one less typically used term when supplied in speaking.


Sample Sentences utilizing Sister in Korean

우리 누나를 소개시켜 줄께. I will introduce my sister come you.

*note below that the ‘sister’ is introduce to an older sister, for this reason 누나 was used.

내 여동생이 너에게 묻고 싶은게 있데. My younger sister desires to ask girlfriend something.

저에게는 여동생이 한명, 누나가 두명 있습니다. I have one younger sister, and also two enlarge sisters.

*please note that younger mrs sibling will call an older female sibling as 언니 rather of 누나

Sister in oriental in the officially Way 

As we have mentioned previously, it is vital to address the human being in formal way of speak to display the respect in the direction of the other party. Therefore, you will certainly see numerous phrases have ‘yo’ attached in ~ the end, which generally helps reforming the word right into a formal kind of the phrase. However, when describing sisters in a formal way, over there are couple different ways to describe them.

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If you space referring to an larger sister in the formal way, you would say 누이 and also that directly puts the 누나 in the many respectful type of the word. Also, you can explain a male and female sibling in the formal term 남매 or 오누이 . Females and female siblings are additionally described in the formal term 자매 in Korean.

Now that you know how to use words ‘sister’ in various develops in Korean, please go and let your friends know how many 누나 and 여동생 friend have!